Expo 2020 (Dubai) | Indian🇮🇳 Pavilion is Excellent

Expo 2020 is a Vast Event where nearly about 193 countries all over the world participate. Each country has its own Pavilion, which tells more about the Traditions of respective country, Its Culture, Food , State of living and lots more prior to that .

By Priyanka Raina

Expo 2020 is located on the Airport road , near to Adventure gate in Discovery Gardens. Adventure gate is huge as compared to height.

Adventure Gate, discovery Gardens

“Coming to Pavilions of respective countries, must say it was truly incredible. Seeing all in one day was not at all possible as you have to “Walk” a lot in-between pavilions. Also for senior citizens – Toy trains and Toy cars were there which can take them to pavilions” , Priyanka Raina says

“Then Coming to Pavilions , I managed to saw seven Pavilions in one day . Firstly of my Country INDIA🇮🇳 , Then Netherlands, Prior to that Singapore, Dubai Port, USA , Kazakhstan, Lithuania.

India Pavilion starts with its Tradition of welcoming all guests in form of NAMASTE 🙏 and Also wishing all viewers a very Happy Diwali.

Indian pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai

Then Coming to first counter, Indian pavilion consisted a huge and lovely presentation of its Incredible Locations, All the five seasons of India, Innovation, Science, Airline Industry featuring “Air India” , Cinema, Make in India – A huge campaign by our Honourable PM Narendra Modi ji and lots more .

Then we’re Khadis , clothing of all states , Exclusive Ghagras to Banarasi Sarees to Kashmiri shawls. You can watch incredible creations in Video below

Above all , Huge thanks to our Honourable Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji who is an inspiration to millions.

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