Happy Republic Day🇮🇳 “Cycling” Ride | 52 Kms

The pandemic has taught us lots of things in way of Fitness, Eating healthy, Avoid Junk foods , etc .

“Although was cycling since childhood and had participated in BEING HUMAN cyclathon that was organised by Salman Khan in 2010.

In 2010, Being Human Cyclothon race

After that left a bit because if work. Then was 2020 which brought Cycle back to my life” . One day was looking down from window on empty roads and thought, it would be fun to ride on empty roads now. And next day I was with my Cycle 🚲 in June 2020.

By Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina cycling 2022 for Nation 🇮🇳

“Cycling” all over roads of Bandra, Juhu, Shivaji Park , Lower Parel, Andheri gives you so much energy, especially when Cycling in group “Cycle Chala City Bacha” organised by CycFiroza , who has taken Cycle to a different level.

Cyclists from Mumbai celebrating Republic Day🇮🇳

Also one positive thing about cycling is that it adds to caption “GO Green” and “Save Environment 🌴” . You can either say “Save Petrol, Burn 🔥 your Petrol “.

Firoza “CycFiroza” , Priyanka Raina and cyclists riding for Nation🇮🇳 on Republic Day 2022

Republic Day 🇮🇳 cycling on newly launched Cycling Tracks at Lower parel. It’s good to see that Government is building cycle tracks on roads. As Cycling also keeps you fit. Also There are cycling tracks at BKC.

Cute Child Cyclist holding Flag

So if you love cycling and love to explore Mumbai , join group Cycle Chala City bacha on Instagram and stay fit

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