India Celebrates 75th Independence Day all over the world 🇮🇳

Everyone has their own style of addressing their love to Nation , in form of Reels from all parts of World. India 🇮🇳 is decorated like nightingale with ORANGE WHITE GREEN lights all over , unlike Sealink , Gateway, Roads and Flags all over with campaign of #HarGharTiranga🇮🇳 ..

Priyanka Raina shares her reel on Instagram, firstly shot on Location of Bandra, Mumbai.

And secondly posts TIRANGA waving at Bruj Khalifa , Dubai. Then Actor Vivek Oberoi wishes everyone from London in his own way.

Anupam Kher recently who delivered a BLOCKBUSTER Kashmir files, posted video waving the flag

Also you can see India decorated beautifully with lights all over in this reel🇮🇳

Also Priyanka Raina plays CHODO KAL KI BAATEN on piano

Wishing everyone a Very Happy Independence Day with going stronger💪 every day.

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