Lal Singh Chaddha finally Breaks “Shamshera” s record, check this 😜

It’s sad but true the bad game of “Nepotism” racket is going on, where Same old Wines are making “Cinema” in New bottle. So Where’s the content?

There were times when movies were fighting for ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS , Superhits snd Hits. But sad to know now they are contesting for “Who will be the Epic Disaster No 1?”

By Priyanka Raina

These were called Big films before release, How? When the CONTENT was Zero. LAL SINGH CHADDHA finally breaks SHAMSHERA s record, here as you can see the statistics

1) Lal Singh Chaddha* (Disaster)
Thur 11.50 Cr
Fri 7.00 Cr
Sat 8.50 Cr
Sun 9.00 Cr
Mon 8.50 Cr
Tue 2.50 Cr
Wed 1.50 Cr.
Thur 1.35 cr.
Total 49.85 Cr.

Lal Singh Chaddha is such a big disaster that the extended week of 8 days( in which 5 days were bank holidays) it could generate only 49.85 cr which is less than first day collection of film Thugs of Hindustan ( first day 52 CR)

2) Rakhsha Bandhan ( Disaster)
Thur 8.00 Cr
Fri 6.25 Cr
Sat 6.00 Cr
Sun 6.50 Cr
Mon 6.50 Cr
Tue 1.60 Cr
Wed 1.10 Cr.
Thur. 1.25 cr
Total 37.20Cr

Let me take a bit back to check SHAMSHERA s spastics, so here are collections



Friday 10.00 Cr
Sat 10.00 Cr
Sun 11.00 Cr
Mon 2.50 Cr
Total 33.50 Cr

Lifetime collections 46 Cr

2) Hit (Homicide Intervention Team): The first Case ( Flop)
First week 8.00 Cr

3) Shabaash Mithu ( Disaster)

First week 2.00 Cr

4) Thor – Love and Thunder (Hit)

First week 80.00 Cr
Sec week 13.50 Cr
Total 93.50 Cr

5) Jugjugg Jeeyo (Flop)
First week 50.00 Cr
Sec week 19.00 Cr
Third week 6.50 Cr
Fourth week 3.00 Cr
Total 78.50 Cr

Collections as per the producer, Distributer and Industry sources.

As you can see chart, All Disasters, flops and so on. Only KASHMIR FILES is the solo Al time Blockbuster of 2022. Adding with HIT flavour of Bhool Bhulaiya .

So moral SHAMSHERA continues to be the EPIC DISASTER with 46CR , As Lal singh chaddha ends with 2 digit more at 49 CR.

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