Walking into streets of Amritsar , Punjab has so much Hidden History involved too be Proud !

By : Priyanka Raina

“Amritsar” where to start from – A city that makes me feel alive , Full of Energy, Freshness within and Lovely Punjabi Food that attaches to me. Ok Let me take first to my WaheGuru ji – Iconic Golden Temple.

Visiting Golden Temple gives you calm when you hear WAHEGURU Ji music that is offering in prayers.

Then coming to INDIA GATE , Let me tell Punjab has original India Gate

India Gate (Punjab)

Then Iconic JALLIANWALA BAUG which has so many memories and Bravery of Sikhism , How Britishers fired when they were coming to celebrate festive.


Then so many hidden locations such as LUV KUSH sons of Lord Rama were born in PUNJAB and huge LUV KUSH temple in Punjab known as RamDheen.

Also iconic SADA PIND , Punjabi food and WAGAH BORDER which attaches the Two nations. Loved the most part when gate opens and TWO soldiers join hands together.

I Love My India – Priyanka Raina

Then Last but not least , there s beautiful museum located in Amritsar Army Cant which has all Tanks , Jet planes and History on Sikhism to be proud of.

Culture of SIKHISM , GURU s at Musuem in Amritsar Cantt

Sharing a Video where Priyanka Raina attached to roots makes a POT using pottery system.

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