“Manali” Located between HILLS can be termed as A Total Adventurous journey !

By : Priyanka Raina

When ever films are based on Travels, We filmmakers research a lot. Like in my recent interview with Director Siddharth Anand who is known for Travels making, When I asked “How do you manage getting the locations perfect framed that goes with your characters”

Siddharth Anand, Priyanka Raina

On this Siddharth Anand replied to Priyanka Raina, “When am on break on my writing mode, I travel a lot mostly solo because then actually I get time to read book especially from Airports. Is hard to travel everywhere, so I make my locations the hero where my Audience can enjoy on 35 MM screen. My Locations are my biggest characters. That many of few filmmakers can actually frame it with story.

Coming to Priyanka Raina on Manali LOcations visit, “Manali is one of the Incredible Hill stations situated in the Himalayas”

How to reach Manali – To come to Manali , Its either way you go on a road Trip from CHANDIGARH which is 4 Hours 45 mins journey. Like I came from Chandigarh Airport to KULU Airport. Thrilled to see, KULU AIRPORT is a beautiful and small Airport on a HILL STATION.

Then From KULU Airport to reach OLD MANALI is actually 55 KMS away which may take around 2 hours, so decided to see some locations on the way, as coming again travelling for hours would take time.

First been to this SHAWL factory where Shimla based shawl are created , Handcrafted shawls . It was lovely interacting with locals there on “How shawls are created, Real SUI DHAAGA ones ”

Shimla Shawl Factory

Will post a complete detailed story on it, on how shawl is created. This Shawl factory is around 30 mins away from KULU Airport

Then coming to RIVER RAFTING , which was 15 minutes away from KULLU AIRPORT, so thought of Discovering on how we experience siting in rides .

Believe me, its fun and scary too But I think that’s what we call it as “Adventurous”, Isn’t It?

Put on our Life jackets and Helmets , took the boats down through a CURVE that cnnected ROad to water straight. And then ready to rock and roll for a complete hilarious ride

Rifer Rafting, Manali

Well there’s lots more which will be coming shortly, till then dont forget to follow our blog to get complete details on INCREDIBLE INDIA by Incredible Priyanka Raina.

Till then Enjoy a short video posted by Priyanka Raina enjoying and playing with snow on the outskirts of Gulabo, Manali

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