Arya | (WebSeries) Review | Sushmita Sen | Chandrachur Singh

Cast : Sushmita Sen , Chandrachur Singh, Jagdish Rajpurohit , Ankur Bhatia , Priyasha Bhardwaj , Alexx O’Nell , Jagdish Rajpurohit, Vikas Kumar

Directed By : Sandeep Modi, Ram Madwani, Vinod Rawat

Produced By : Ram Madwani

Review By : Priyanka Raina

As OTT platforms are ruling now a days with “Content” Driven cinema , and just seem to watch this amazing Web Series called “Arya” where Sushmita Sen plays the title role and I can’t just stop talking about it.

“Arya” consists of Nine Episodes but every episodes keep you engaging to the second. Good to see Chandrachur Singh after long in a Good Contented series.

Well to go with story , ARYA is a story of Sushmita Sen who plays lead role. Arya ‘s Husband Tej Sareen (Chandrachur Singh) runs a Family Business with his Brother in law Sangram (Ankur Bhatia) and his Best Friend Jawahar (Namit Das).

Sangram makes a plan with Jawahar and steals HEROINE worth 300 CR . TEJ was against this and asked to return immediately, But as circumstances occurs TEJ gets trapped and killed . Now what happens next ARYA is left with her Three kids – Veer, Adi and Aaru

Now how ARYA fights back the drug dealers and the whole Investgation by Inspector is a Total engrossing , Eye appealing story.

All actors are equally talented and well caste. ARYA is a story that every actor should watch to see Loops and turns that occur . And Nevertheless beautiful lyrics which you will see in between are given by Swanand Kirkire.

Watch ARYA (Video Review) by Priyanka Raina

ARYA featuring Sushmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh releases on Disney + Hotstar worldwide

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Happy Yoga Day 2020 by Sweetness of Music with your Father !!

Year 2020 has Three Mega Days World Yoga Day , World Music Day and Happy Father’s Day on a single Day June 21st . And here ‘s Super Girl Priyanka Raina frames a lovely Line “Happy Yoga Day with sweetness of music 4 with Your Father44

Firstly on Music Day , shares a beautiful note on Raj Kapoor Daries “Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan” from Mera Naam Joker

On Father’s Day , Priyanka Raina shares a beautiful note from Superstar Ranbir Kapoor that he shared publicly on eve of Sanju release.

Last But not least , Every day is Yoga Day. Fitness should as important to you as your Food. Wishing Happy YOGA to everyone and Stay Fit.

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Gulabo Sitabo (Review) | Adds October Shades to Film

Directed By : Shoojit Sircar

Cast : Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Vijay Raaz

Review By : Priyanka Raina

When whole world is locked-down in these crucial crises, its important for us to take precautions, maintain Social distancing among us. So “Work from Home” has been generated. And OTT platforms are on a high when “Theaters” are shut. Here “GULABO SITABO” featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurrana releases on Amazon Prime. 

Gulabo Sitabo Poster

Story – A story of Landlord Mirza (Big B) and A man staying on rent named Banke (Ayushmann) in old Haweli with his family . Banke have not paid rent and is not willing to leave house and Mirza is taking out solutions to empty out haweli. Here a Lawyer (Vijay Raaz) comes who listen to both parties and what happens next is rest of story. 

Direction: Here Director Shoojit Sircar lost somewhere is phase which had executed beautifully in Vicky Donor. Gulabo Sitabo has more of October shades to film. 

Cast : Considering of Acting, Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana are great actors and movie is all on their shoulders. If you are an Ayushmann or Big B fan, then you are likely to watch film. 

Watch Video Review By Priyanka Raina

The Last Word- Watch movie as a web series for some of great performances by Ayushmann and Amitabh Bachchan. 

Rating : 2 Stars (Just to actors) 

Watch Movie for Ayushmaan – Priyanka Raina

Gulabo Sitabo releases on June 12, 2020 and is available on AMAZON PRIME.

Priyanka Raina Directs a “Lockdown” Short Film – BACK TO WORK

Its about Three months since World is Locked Down at Homes dealing with a word “Corona’ . Here’s A small Initiative on Back To Work by Priyanka Raina.
Firstly , Nothing to get panic on when Doctors , Police , Grosary Stores , Medicals are working 24*7 and so many have come from #Corona.

Priyanka Raina

So , Also our Duty becomes to get Back To Work….
But with Precautions of coarse – Keep Distance , Wear Mask and Keep Sanitise your hands.
Also CORONA is nothing but brought our Basic Cleanliness of  SwatchBharat ,  Clean and Green India – The very first short film Directed by Priyanka.



Also BACK TO WORK hits 10K views in a Day , Do watch and let us know your views

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EK RISHTA enters in 20th Year , Continues to be Top Favorites of Satellites !!

By : Priyanka Raina 

Today EK RISHTAA enters its 20th year of its release and continues to be Top favorite on TV satellite  , Digital Platforms along wih JAANWAR , ANDAAZ, HMBPK, BARSAAT , Dosti, Lootere  , AJAY , TAALASH.


EK RISHTAA features Amitabh Bachchan , Akshay Kumar, Juhi Chawla , Karisma Kapoor , Rakhee and Suniel Shetty in lead roles. The Movie is being Directed by Suniel Darshan. Director Suniel Darshan thanks viewers for its Limitless patronage.

Directors Suneel Darshan , Priyanka Raina
Directors Cut : Suniel Darshan sir and Priyanka Raina

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Libaas Directed By Gulzar , is Not only a MASTERPIECE But will also will see some Iconic Characters !

When we Learn about True CINEMA , We come to know the hurdles a films comes across to get its release. As we say , No Gains without pain So its simple its not easy to an Release even for a Good film with any Cooperates and good marketing. We will talk about very such film which was on hold for 28 years and saw its First ever print on 22nd Nov 2014 at Goa Film Festival.

Here is Still from the Film , which will see Ravindra Arora in a Group pic with Naseeruddin Shah , Shaban Azmi which is apart of the lovely scene.

A Still From Movie LIBAAS (1986)

LIBAAS – A Film which was made in the year 1985 and did not get its release can be defined as an ICONIC Masterpiece. A beautiful art to derive relations through theatrical arts. Not only this , Also Film will see some of Iconic Characters which are not there with us like Legend AK HANGAL and Utpal Dutt in a very special Role.

The Film lead protagonist – Raj Babbar , Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah will share a beautiful Love triangle without any complications, You are bound to fall in Live with them. Also Film has Sushma Seth , Ravindra Arora and Annu Kapoor in important Character Roles.

Priyanka Raina with Legendary Gulzar ji

Also Music of the Film is by Legendary PANCHIM DA (RD Burman) – the songs which we love to hear like “Khamosh sa afsana”. Songs are a beauty and can be framed as a epic miles stone.

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The Seasoned Director Dharmesh Darshan Speaks up exclusively on his Journey ,” I believe GOD CREATES”

By : Priyanka Raina 

Wishing Happy Birthday to “Real” Raja Hindustani Dharmesh Darshan Sir and Happy to share Nostalgia Interview (In-fact at Start of my Journey) privileged to talk on Cinematic Journey , Films which made History just a day Before my Birthday (19th March).

Sanjay Suri , Dharmaesh Darshan and Priyanka Raina


The Seasoned Director, Dharmesh Darshan who has given all Good Actors to Indian Cinema in form of talent – Creating a HISTORIC films like RAJA HINDUSTANI, DHADKAN and many more ; Speaks up to Priyanka Raina.

Priyanka Raina: Dharmesh Ji , Tell us something about our unique journey till now. You are the only film maker to have directed few films & almost all are hits.
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes, I am the only Writer/ Director who has done six films Beginning with early 1990s. I would like to tell you about – Starting with LOTEERE Starring Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawala, Nasseredin Shah & Then Cam to Raja Hindustani
Priyanka Raina: (Cuts) Raja Hindustani ….. The Mega Blockbuster, The only Film which created History Worldwide
Dharmesh Darshan: (Laughs) Ya Raja Hindustani , which is the Fourth biggest HIT in the History of Indian Cinema.
Priyanka Raina: And Its even Aamir Khan’s First Film to have won him the Best Actor, although He was nominated many before that for DIL and Hum hain rahi pyar ke, isn’t it?
Dharmesh Darshan: Ya, Its is indeed Aamir Khan’s First Filmfare Award & Karisma Kapoor too won the Best Actress. Raja Hindustani won the major Awards and I think became the only film to have all Awards in Major category. Very Few Films had that Combination till date.
Priyanka Raina: Ya Indeed
Dharmesh Darshan: Then Comes MELA, again with Aamir Khan. Then My Romantic and Classic Dhadkan.
Priyanka Raina: DHADKAN, Akshay Kumar whom you have Re launched as an Actor and His image changed totally after that, Comment?
Dharmesh Darshan: No , I don’t think so AKSHAY was nothing before then DHADKAN. He has done many Films Before, But Fallen within a Trap, A Trap of Continuously Flop films as there were many Flops in a row . DHADKAN is very difficult for an Action Hero to become a Romantic Hero

Dharmesh darshan 1
Priyanka Raina: Obviously , Akshay was an Action Hero
Dharmesh Darshan: DHADKAN brought him in that Shah Rukh Khan Mode which I would say because I admire Shah Rukh Khan very much…
Priyanka Raina: (Cuts) Cool , We will see Shah Rukh Khan soon with you
Dharmesh Darshan: Ya, DHADKAN had Superb Songs & RAM – The Idol Indian GUY which is still writing for him nicely. But If you give me the Credit, Yes – I take the Credit. But Akshay also worked very hard. He believed in me & allowed me to do the change. Although Suneil Shetty got the Best Supporting Actor Award. The Film also did a lot of Metamorphosis on Shilpa Shetty

Priyanka Raina: And As I think, Shilpa Shetty was nominated for the first Time in Best Actress Category? And it changed the Entire look
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes , Dhadkan Changed the Entire Look and She came out Beautifully upon it. And If you give me the Credit for my Handwork – I will Accept it.
Priyanka Raina: (Laughs) Surely You deserve for bringing up actors out of themselves.
Dharmesh Darshan: (laughs) Thanks & Then after DHADKAN , I did BEWAFA starring Kareena Kapoor.

Karisma Kapoor, Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina: The Kapoor Sisters, you have worked with Both of them.
Dharmesh Darshan: Yaa , Kapoor Sisters – Kareena and again gave her a very certain Role to look Glamorous In Saree , A Soft Kareena and of coarse with Akshay. And of coarse it was Anil Kapoor, and Sushsmita Sen who seen for the first time ever in Saree.
Priyanka Raina: Yaaa ( Laughs)
Dharmesh Darshan: And Then Aap ki Khatir. I had actually suggested Priyanka Chopra to my Brother in Andaaz for the second Lead which Raj Kanwar ji Directed it. As they were looking for a girl along with Lara Datta . And I insisted they should check out Priyanka & came out with Priyanka Chopra for you all
Priyanka Raina: And Amisha Patel, She was looking Cute in the movie
Dharmesh Darshan: Amisha Patel was there in a small Role , But was a pleasure working with her. And Even I enjoyed working with Akshaye Khanna – He is a Very good Actor indeed
Priyanka Raina: And Dino Morya, who was CON guy
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes, Sunil Shetty, Anupam Kher , Dino – There were so many people But Akshaye was a Fantastic Person. I had been very fortunate that way, and worked with very good Actors
Priyanka Raina: And Whom we call Mr. Perfectionist AAMIR KHAN has done two films with you, as He does not do the second film with anyone, Correct?
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes, Aamir has done two films with me. The Reason Aamir doesn’t do second film with anyone, because his Style is actually mine….. (laughs) I do one film everyone.
Priyanka Raina: So Now when we are seeing Next DHARMESH DHARSHAN film back on screen?
Dharmesh Darshan: People are confused, that I have taken a Break for last Five years. After 2007 , I didn’t Direct any film. But If you see- Raja Hindustani and Dhadkan too had a Gap of Five years
Priyanka Raina: Oh ! Five Golden Years…. So That means we will see you soon on Screens
Dharmesh Darshan: Hopefully, something as good as Dhadkan, and also There are lots of reasons for taking this gap of FIVE years. I lost my Both parents – 2009 My Mother and Last year , Lost my Dad.
Priyanka Raina: Oh ! I am so sorry.
Dharmesh Darshan: So I was not in a mood to make films. But I think since last films Directors are not getting that importance. It is the just STAR value. And I am used to not Bigger then the star but Equal then Star . But I feel that , when Director has no value – Achievers Directors like me has to work hard upon movies
Priyanka Raina: Noo, But in Today’s Cinema even KARAN JOHAR is Director who is equal to the star.
Dharmesh Darshan: Yes , But Karan Johar is a Producer/ Director. I am just a Director – A Free Lancer Director.
Priyanka Raina: So See you very soon, Firing on BOX OFFICE.


Dharmesh Darshan: See, I am a kind of Guy who can end up with Three films in one year or One Film in Three Years. But it should be a Good Film with Good Story. I do a project , which has Respect, Values, Our Indian Culture.
Priyanka Raina: And you will do a project with Newcomers or with Stars?
Dharmesh Darshan: I can work with anyone. If you notice my career , I worked with everyone. I have worked with under dogs
Priyanka Raina: Exactly, you are the who has made actors- And they won their First Filmfare Trophies from your movie.
Dharmesh Darshan: I don’t believe (laughs) . I always dis what I feel like and automatically you should be a little marketable for you Producers- And every producer of mine in Six Films weather it is Ratan Jain ji, Boney Kapoor Sahab, TIPS, Cineyug have earned HUGE profits out of it. I have done two to three films with each of them & they always repeated it.
Priyanka Raina: Dharmesh ji, You are known for the Longest KISS in the History of Indian Film Industry & which I think Till today it’s the only movie which is played , where we don’t change our Channels as Rest Channels are changed.
Dharmesh Darshan: See, I can’t say about any other Directors But can certainly speak about myself. See, Kiss is very Reflective & I believe in Human emotions weather it is sensuality. I don’t shy away from it. But it has to be neatly done. It should be beautiful & no audience should be isolated with it. As it was a very daring statement to shoot a Kiss
Priyanka Raina: Obviously…..
Dharmesh Darshan: But as you say, no body shifts the channel after seeing this particular scene & Karisma’s image became even better, Aamir ‘s image too became even better. So lots of thought keep coming & perhaps I believe – I am the idol member in the Industry , I guess (Laughs)
Priyanka Raina: Why have you been so Publicity shy and not taken the credit for building in so many Actors Tenure in a day where each and everyone makes a noise of every Bit of it ?

Dharmesh Darshan

Dharmesh Darshan: I believe “GOD CREATES”. I had never been a Video Maniac. Yes my Effort was very much , and as I strongly believe, Nobody can give you that recognition which GOD can give you. Yes, sometimes I do feel hurt when people who have climbed up my shoulders and have totally Denied me – Forget , giving me the credit. But I think , I had never made a noise about it. I began with grace, Did my work & if anyone’s career Build up – Its Great and will Pray to God “It should build up”
Priyanka Raina: Great & Since you Media shy, For the first time – Thanks for speaking with us on our Official Channel.

Dharmesh Darshan: (Laughs) Its not the first time, But one of the rare times. You are a very Sweet Girl & you write very Positively about everybody weather it is interview or Film Reviews. I personally had gone through all your Blogs. Priyanka Raina: Thank you
Dharmesh Darshan: That’s a very fresh perspective in the Media & Healthy. And I want to encourage this Healthy behavior. I have lots of friends in the media, But you know Priyanka – I am a Person who has never manipulated the Media. I have never played with the media. I have genuinely respected the Media.

Priyanka Raina: Exactly, you had never been in news for any controversy.
Dharmesh Darshan: But Yes I Think , It’s the Time to ask for Credit. Because In today, We can’t Command, until we Demand upon it; Right?

Dharmesh darshan and Priyanka Raina
Directors Dharmesh Darshan , Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina: Yes , Exacltly & that was the One of the most SEASONED Director “DHARMESH DARSHAN” talking up exclusively on his career graph of his SIX films, and of course Forthcoming films on our Official Blogs and website – Exclusively covered By Priyanka Raina

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You will be Forever in our Hearts , Rishi Kapoor Sir – Priyanka Raina

By : Priyanka Raina 

Had not come out from the Loss of one the finest Actors in Bollywood IRRFAN KHAN  , Woke up on 3oth April 2020 with the most Disheartening news on my messages about Rishi Kapoor.


Rishi Kapoor , Grandson of Prithviraj Kapoor and Son of Raj Kapoor , Father of Riddhima Kapoor Sahani and Ranbir Kapoor left us today with his Journey of Cinema from “BOBBY” to “THE BODY”. Also “Sharmaji namkeen” which will prior release later in 2020 and His “Mera Naam Joker” and “Shree 420” as Child actors.


My moments of Rishi Kapoor Sir are truly special , Very First I met him at “Sawaria” Premiere sitting in Screen 3 , Next to Dimple Kapadia (Rishi Kapoor was in Screen 1). Although that time didn’t have much interactions as was  totally new and was just a theater Student at Prithvi.

Second Moment was at PVR JUHU , when was going to Premiere and Man coming from behind and saying “please stop the lift”. I turned behind and it was Rishi Kapoor , Immediately I stood in between Lift doors and Rishi sir walked in with Neetu kapoor. Also they told me to enter and had privilege to be with cutest couple of Bollywood in lift for few minutes.


This was captured in Lift and smile came on our faces when Rishi Kapoor turned back to look at us.

Third Moment was at movie screening when suddenly Saw Rishi Kapoor Sir coming out from another Audi along with senior Journalist Jyothi Venkatesh Sir . There had small conversations.


Moment of the Lifetime was of coarse KHULLAM KHULLA moment, when Rishi kapoor Signed my Copy at Films and TV journalist awards. Interaction of around 10 mins were the moments to be the “Man with Cutest Smile”

And Journey began on Festival visits and still remember Have Wats apped MULK review to Rishi Kapoor. After 10 mins , got a reply “Priyanka , you have written character name wrong” . My happiness knew no bounds that Biggest Superstar read my review and replied ” thank you Sir , will correct it.

When I saw Rajma Chawal on Netflix and messaged  Rishi Sir ” What a fab film, Thank you for entertaining us witg great content which leaves huge impact on society” . On this Rishi Kapoor sent a “SMILEY” symbol. That time He was in New York treating for cancer.

Rishi Kapoor was such a straight forward and gave straight reviews also on his movie. Still remember his message when after watching THE BODY , I told “sir just loved your performance , Good message”. On this Rishi Kapoor imediately replied, “ Priyanka , theater mein tumhare Siva koi aur bhi tha ke nahi”


On this I smiled and Thought that’s why He is one of my favorites, “He is loyal with work and knows the facts. At least Rishi Kapoor don’t live in fake world. Then I sent Picture with Ramesh taurani and Jyothi Venkatesh as you can see, that even they liked movie. And Rishi Sir smiled and said “OK”.

Cute Moments While Rishi Sir signs my Khullam Khulla copy

Well that’s our Bollywood Lover Boy RISHI KAPOOR– Your Presence will be missed thoroughly and Now you are with my Father  somewhere on the Skies Above. Bollywood will miss great actors Rishi Kapoor , Irrfan Khan

“Lockdown” can be Creative too , Depends on How you take!!

The Whole World is dealing on very a serious Note right now “Corona” . But Can descibe What is Corona ? Corona is nothing but taught us just to be Hygenic , Maintain Social Distancing and Nothing to get panic about. Instead Keep your selves busy with the work – You love the most. “Distraction” can help us fight with a serious issue.

Like for Example , Film Director Priyanka Raina is always occupied with friends weather Socially or Digitally , and As we movie towards Digital India – On Instagram Live  @impriyankaraina – can see Chats on Different Topics and How to overcome situation.

Chatted so far with Aarti Chabaria , Varun Sharma , Aditi Govartikar , Sandip Soparkar , Parag Chapekar and Film Critic Rajiv Vijaykar annd many more on Boards.Untitled-1

“We are Entertainers and Show must go on . Like For us Work from Home obviously has to be Films of coarse so we made a Short film on Social distancing with Prem Chopra Sir, Rakesh Bedi Sir and some Television actors “, Priyanka Raina Adds


Also keeping Hygiene on minds , “Fitness is also an key word , so the day starts with Power Yoga with PUSHUPS , SQUATS , BURPEE , MOUNTAIN CLIMBING , SHOULDER TOUCH, Jumping jacks, follwed by Stretches and PLANK.


Also Writing on new idea and paintings , singing , Voice Modulation and Lots of things can be on boards. So stay healthy with full of Positive Energy.

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Season Greetings (Review) | A Cakewalk to Define Three Relationships “Mother- Daughter” and their respective

Directed By :  Ram Kamal Mukherjee
Produced By: Aritra Das, Shailendra Kumar
Cast :  Celina Jaitly haag, Lillete Dubey , Azhar Khan, Shree Ghatak, Rohini Sen
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

Before we Talk on movie , Let us discuss a bit on “Section 377” . Many movies may have come on this topic unlike “Girlfriend” or so on. But never told a story with so much detailing and resulting as Full family watch.

With every passing moment, Romita and Suchitra unfolds their mysteries and eventually comes to a juncture where lines get blurred. This is a tribute to celebrated filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh. For cinema connoisseurs it will be a delight to see the fleeting references from Ghosh’s films that comes (overlaps) at various moments. The film also deals with LGBTQIA and article 377 (Indian Penal Code) issue, in a subtle way.


Well To start with “Season Greetings” revolves around Romita (Celina Jaitly Haag) who is in Love with Usmaan (Azhar) and they had been in a living relationship for Over two years. Also Romita had childhood disturbances since her Mother Suchitra(Lillete Dubey) and Dad got separated. One evening Suchitra calls Romita and insisted more excited to meet her Better half.

And finally Suchitra, Romi and Usmaan meet in evening over drinks . Reason was to introduce “Someone Special”. Well who is this , For that just watch a Lovely 43 Min Film on ZEE 5.

Cast : Celina Jaitly is incredibly a good actor and when ever comes to Define Bengali actress , You have no words unlike Konkana or Rani or Kajol . Lillete Dubey looks good in her respective character. Azhar looks promising as a First Timer. Also the maid definitely added flavors.

Direction : This is just second short film By Ram Kamal Mukherjee and can say Season Greetings is truly a “Cakewalk” . Defining three relationships with such significance

Music : Bengali song to evolve in Mother- daughter relationship gives so much calm and relaxation

Watch Trailer of Season Greetings here

The Last word : Season Greeting  (43 Min film) is definitely a watch out with whole family to understand relationships or can say A Cakewalk to Define Three Relationships Mother- Daughter, Daughter ‘s Love religion Biased and Mother ‘s … Well  for that see this lovely 43 min Film . And Love is Love and doesn’t know any boundaries, isn’t it ?

Ratings :4_stars-512 STARS


“Season Greetings” Releases all over Digitally on ZEE 5 app from April 15, 2020 onward. So guys Stay Home and watch some Healthy cinema.

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