Short film NEHA (Trailer)| Directed By Priyanka Raina

It may be Lockdown , but Work from From never stops . And Here we present you Trailer of Latest Short Film “Neha” .The film is about mental health concerns of a girl named “Neha”. It is about her journey of life and issues like a break up, lack of success at work, etc


The lead character Neha is played by Nandini Shrivastava. Rest of cast includes Shivam Kapoor and Priyanka Raina. Music given  by Navin Jawdaa and Director of photography By Javed Shaikh.’

The movie is Produced by First Time Producers Urmi Chhapia under The Mending Minds and Directed by Priyanka Raina

Watch Trailer NEHA here (45 Secs)


Full Movie “Neha” will be out soon in Days , till do Subscribe Mending Minds Channel and shower us your love in comments

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Leg Workouts with Priyanka | #HomeWorkouts | Fitness Goals

By : Priyanka Raina

When the Gyms are closed , you still can be Fit by just following basic simple steps. Like yesterday we did upper Body Workouts considering Push ups and all. Today lets try Leg Workouts i.e.. Lower Body


Repeat this order in Three Sets each
– 25 Squats
– 25 Jumping Jacks
– 25 Lendges
– 25 Wide Squats
– Body Weight Calf raise
– Static Squat
– Plank

So Here ‘s you complete LEG Work out , Isn’t it ? If unable to understand name of workout, Kindly see Video below where we have Demonstrated for you.

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20 Day Challenge #HomeWorkout with Priyanka !

By : Priyanka Raina

We all know as we are facing the most crucial times of fighting with Corona , and to to maintain Social Distancing – All public places like Malls , Gym , Coffee shops are shut. 20 Day is too long while you are missing the gym.

Don’t Worry ,  Try out the Power-Packed Workouts with Priyanka Raina which can be easily done at Home #20DayChallenge


First of all do warms ups and then these Sets (Each 3 Times)

– 25 Pushups (Three Sets)
– 25 Bicycles (Three Sets)
– 25 Squats (Three sets)
– 25 Lendges (Three Sets)
– 25 Burpees
– 25 Shoulder Touch
– 25 Jumping Jacks
– 25 Jumping Squats
– 25 Jumping Lendges

Confused with the names , Don’t worry . Just watch Priyanka ‘s Video below and have a complete power cut workouts

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Sandip aur Pinky Faraar | Cinematic Birthday Treat on 20 March 2020

By : Priyanka Raina

Some movies are bound to be made for entertainment with Content  unlike Sui Dhaaga , Mardaani 2 , War and Now Sandip Aur Pinky Faraar – well thats YRF for you  “The No 1 Production”


After seeing trailer , Cant wait to watch the entire movie. YRF had always inched in detailing with its characters  and that’s why when the output comes is loved by all

Sandip is Parineeti and Pinky is Arjun , there’s suspense in name itself coming out with a Magnificent trailer by Dibakar Banerjee .

Watch Trailer

Sandip Aur Pinky Faraar featuring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra releases on 20 March 2020

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Marathi Movies have been coming with Content – A True VIJETA from Subhash Ghai

By : Priyanka Raina

The journey of Subhash Ghai Sir has been incredible from making movies such as Karz , Saudagar , Karma , Ram Lakhan , Pardes , Yaadein , and much more apart . His Movies define Cinema , Hence called Showman of Bollywood. 

Starting a Huge institute for learning Film-making in a vast process from “Whistling Woods International” , The Man have itself been an inspiration or a True VIJETA must say..

Guessed , Well that the title of Latest Marathi Film VIJETA produced by Mukta Arts , Releasing on 12th March 2020.


Vijeta is featuring Subodh Bhaved , Sushant Shelar , Pooja Sawant, Pritam Kagne , Manasi Kulkarni, Maadhav , Devendra and Directed by Amol Shetge .

Watch Vijeta Trailer 

Vijeta is releasing in Cinemas on 12th March 2020

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Learn Self Defense your own Safety | MMA MATRIX

By : Priyanka Raina

Self Defense is an important subject that one must know the techniques , How to Come out if you fall into any hurdle. Learning Basics steps from Stretching  to Boxing to BJJ , Gives you complete set of Workouts at MMA MATRIX.

We Wish you all a Happy International Womens Day .


MMA MATRIX is Located in Bandra West opposite Rangsharda Auditorium


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Bhaghi3 (Review)| It is nice Outdoor Picnic for cast without any story

Directed By : Ahmed Khan
Produced By: Nadiadwala Grandson
Cast : Tiger Shroff , Jackie Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor .
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

download (1)

Bhaghi3 – Franchise of Bhaghi and Bhaghi2 which was good , In-fact it had a story. Coming to Bhaghi 3 – The movie which actually made me sleep. Slept earlier in movies like Race 3 , Dabangg3.

Bhaghi3 is a story of two Brothers Tiger Shroff (Ronnie) and Ritesh Deshmukh (Rakesh) without any story line , But one Dialogue “MUJHPE AATI TO MEIN CHOD DETA , MERE BHAI PA AAYI TO PHOD DOONGA” which is shown at-least 10 times in movie.

These Brother’s Love is shown between Sunny Deol and Raj Babbar beautifully in Ghayal. Coming to Bhaghi 3 , Pre Interval can be taken due to few comedy tracks But Post Interval will make you sleep, No story with too many characters, too many actions, Dancing on Three Helicopters, In fact can say NICE PICNIC FOR ENTIRE CAST AND FAMILY

Cast : Tiger Shroff is the only who keeps you engaging , But again Actors Dont make Content , Its Content makes Actors. Shraddha Kapoor has same style from all her movies. After Street Dancers didn’t work , And Now Bhaghi3 with a crap story line. For  Ritesh Deshmukh can say , same FATTU as in Kya Kool Hain Hum. Jackie Shroff  was good , But he was hardly in movie as doing just small cameo.

Direction : Director Ahmed Khan Should join Whistling Woods International first to learn Direction , So he doesn’t makes such crap again . In short say Director had nice PICNIC at SERIA with entire cast without any story line.

Music : Really ? Was there any music or Remixes from old DUS BAHANE and EK AANKH MAARUN . 

Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

The last Word : P.S : Go on your Risk to watch Bhaghi3, Coz likely to get Headache. And if you are not getting slpp, Watch BHAGHI3 and will sleep nicely in movie.

Rating : ONE STAR (Just too for Tiger)

Film Bhaghi3 featuringTiger Shroff, Shradhha Kapoor , Ritesh Deshmukh in lead roles is Releasing on6th March 2020 in Cinemas near you.

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Say No to Corona-virus , Just take Simple Precautions , Dont Panic!

The corona virus is large in size with a cell diameter of 400-500 micro, so any mask prevents its entry so there is no need to exploit pharmacists to trade with muzzles.
(Just Scroll Down to Read Basic Instructions)
The virus does not settle in the air, but on the ground, so it is not transmitted by the air.
The corona virus, when it falls on a metal surface, will live for 12 hours, so washing hands with soap and water well will do the trick.
Corona virus when it falls on fabrics stays for 9 hours so washing clothes or exposing them to the sun for two hours is enough for the purpose of killing him.
The virus lives on the hands for 10 minutes so putting the alcohol sanitizer in the pocket is enough for the purpose of prevention.
If the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27°C, it will be killed, it does not live in hot areas. Also drinking hot water and exposure to the sun is good enough.
Stay away from ice cream and cold food is important.
Gargling with warm water and salt kills tonsils and prevents them from leaking into the lungs.
Adhering to these instructions is sufficient to prevent the virus.
Also for further information, call Ministry of Health 24*7 Control Room Number at 
+91 11 23978046  or email at

DOORDARSHAN (Review) – No RUKAWAT , a Complete Family Entertainer

Directed By : Gagan Puri
Produced By: Arya films
Cast : Manurishi Chaddha , Manie Gill , Rajesh Sharma , Dolly Ahluwalia, Supriya Shukla
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

Bollywood films are always known for its “Content” first. Stars can be made if Content is strong and film with New Bees Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Love Story , Bobby are a perfect example of this. So Based on Content with Comedy , Our Film DOORDARSHAN is here to entertain you completely.

Doordarshan DIRECTOR’s cut Gagan Puri with Priyanka Raina

Here We go  DOORDARSHAN is a story of Kukoo (Manurishi Chaddha) and Priya (Mahie Gill) who are well settled and Well Divorced with Two kids. Confused, well there s much more apart . Their Neighbor (Rajesh Sharma) who has beautiful Daughter and KUKOO s son is in love with., But he is in Opposition. Kukoo’s Mother (Dolly Ahluwalia) who is in COMA from 30 years , wakes up when Sunny with his friend are reading a Adult comic tale “BIMLA KI KAHANIYAAN” in shock “Who’s Bimla” .

Doctors tells. that not to give any type of tension to her , so they tell that she was on Bed from Six months and Create the 90s Era of Doordarshan. Also KUKOO and BILLO are in school uniform to add more flavors. What happens next is a complete Laughter Riot, Next level of Andaz Apna Apna.

Direction : Debutante Director Gagan puri has researched well on life of 90s  , adding all equipment s such as Transistors , Black and White TV , Antenna. Above all , Film gives a huge message of Respecting your parents.And Doordarshan is full package of Family Entertainer

Music :  Music by Meet Bros always looks impressive and the song “Rukawat ke liye Khed hai” will remind you of the lovely Doordarshan Era.

Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

The Last Word : Doordarshan is a Perfect family Entertainer , that has full Laughter Riot with a powerful message and “Rukawat ke liye Khed Hai” , Watch out on 28th Feb 2020.

Ratings : FOUR STARS

Laughter Riot of Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan MANURISHI CHADDHA goes DOORDARSHAN

Film Doordarshan featuring Manurishi Chaddha , Mahie Gill , Rajesh Sharma , Dolly Ahluwalia in lead roles is Releasing on 28th Feb 2020 in Cinemas near you. Experience complete Laughter Riot and Fell the Era of wonderful 90s in you.

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Game called “Relationship” | (Review) Reveals Freshness of Cinematic journey

Directed By : Vivek Sharma
Produced By: Filmzone
Cast : Mandy Takhar, Kapil Khadiwala, Sabina , Suman, Sumit , Vivek Sharma
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

Director of Bhoothnath Vivek Sharma comes with a fresh concept on relationships which is a very common subject these days.


Before we talk , Let us discuss that Love Stories looks good with Freshness. Unlike Kaho Na pyaar hai where Hrithik Roshan became star because content and Direction was good. Love Story is fare enough to tell even Kumar Gaurav‘s Stardom To Bobby with Rishi Kapoor and so on.

A Game Called “Relationship” reveals around the struggles in Bollywood , Actors who have come from different parts of world and staying in Paying guest and struggling for Auditions. Here’s One couple when they introduce that”He ‘s my Boyfriend” , Everyone ‘s color of faces changes especially GAUTAM who is playing Director (Vivek Sharma).

So Here they play a Game that “Announcing the Breakup” to see then Who’s your friend. In this Game , how they come to real Break up is a hard hitting fresh Film by Vivek Sharma.

Cast : All Characters are well justified that you will feel as if you a part of them , Every scene is engaging , that carries you in a grip till end.

Direction : From Horror film  “Bhoothnath” to Relationship film “A Game called Relationship” Vivek Sharma tells a good story with Freshness. Cinematogreaphy by Duleep is good

Music : There are two songs and Music by Nakash Azis and Sargam is revealing that is attached to storyline

(Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina)

The Last Word : Vivek Sharma puts a Refreshing story for youth to tell that Relationships can’t be a Game.



A Game Called Relationship releases in Cinemas near you from 21st Feb 2020. Do watch and tell us , How do like the film?

IMG-20200221-WA0025 (1)

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