THE POWER (Review) | “Power Packed Revenge” | Vidyut Jammwal | Salil Ankola

Directed By : Mahesh Manjrekar

Cast : Vidyut Jammwal , Shruti Hassan , Prateik Babbar, Salil Ankola , Mahesh Manjrekar, Sachin Khedekar

Review by : Priyanka Raina

Lets talk about Mahesh Manjrekar previous films before we come to “THE POWER” . Like Vastaav which was unlike a hard hitting crime based Action movie. After Vastaav , Mahesh Manjrekar shows The Power to cinema.

The Power is a story of Devi (Vidyut Jammwal) and Pari (Shrut Hassan) who are madly in love with each other but as Pari is daughter of prostitute , so Devi ‘s family ‘THAKURS” are not in favor of marriage. Reason Devi decides to marry in court and is about to leave to singapore , But circumstances were something else.

On day of marriage , Devi’s Dad (Mahesh Manjrekar” was shot injured and Devi rushes to hospital instead of court. On the other hand Pari keeps waiting and as she knows she is pregnant , she is totally broken. And from here starts POWER PACKED REVENGE .

Prateik Babbar plays a negative shade in a positive role, and the Main villian (Sachin Khedekar) who plays a masterstroke in the end. Salil Ankola is just magnificent in action

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Review : I have defined movie “THE POWER” as ‘Power packed revenge’ , so I think its a perfect combo for OTT to watch out the hard hitting action on ZEE PLEX.


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My Tribute to IRRFAN KHAN on his Birthday with amazing contribution to Indian Cinema !!

“Irrfan Khan” – An actor whom we seen since childhood in early 90s with the Mega Hit seral “Chandrakanta” celebrated his Birthday on 7th Jan and then attempting to make it in Indian cinema with some magnificent Hits unlike Madari, Life in a Metro , Pan singh Tomar and many short films with Nawazzuddin Siddique in early 2000s which are all available on you tube .

By Priyanka Raina

My association with Irrfan Khan sir is bit in a small way , but a special way. Firstly I had dubbed for movie LIFE IN A METRO during my theater days at BR STUDIOS. Then attended screening of his movies like “Madari” , “Hindi medium” which are known as amazing contribution to Indian Cinema.

Also met Irrfan Khan at Sunny super Sound on Third floor where I had come for my edit work and Irrfan Khan sir had come for his dubbing. He was so polite and humble and just believed in his work.

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KAAGAZ (Review) |Based on One liner of #JollyLLB2

Directed by : Satish Kaushik

Produced by : Salman Khan films

CAst : Satish Kaushik , Pankaj Tripathi , Mita Vashishtha

Review By : Priyanka Raina

Being a film encyclopedia , I remember all scenes registered in my brains, so don’t know If you all remember that One liner from movie JOLLY LLB 2 where Akshay Kumar fights for a alive man who was declared dead on papers.

Based on above scenario is based movie KAAGAZ where the main protagonist (Pankaj Tripathi) is declared dead by his Brothers so that they can take his property. And how he fights to get himself registered on Court papers is the rest of the story.

Watch Video review by Priyanka Raina

Review : Converting one liner of JOLLY LLLB 2 into whole movie felt too dragging. Satish Kaushik , Mita Vashishtha were good in small roles , but didn’t have much to perform.

Rating : TWO STARS

The Story ‘KAAgAZ’ produced by Salman Khan films and Directed by Satish KAUSHIK is available on ZEE 5 .

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Nail Polish (Review) by Priyanka Raina | Journey of ‘Veer’ to ‘Charu’

Cast : Arjun Rampal , Manav , Madhoo, Rajit Kapoor

Directed by : Bugs Bhargava Krishna

The story is based on #CourtroomDrama which is based on High profile Murder charge on #VeerSingh , due to which he looses his memory and becomes #CharuRaina.

Basically Story of “Nail Polish’ revolves around court room drama which is based on High profile victim ‘Veer Singh’ who is accused on murder of children, and High profile lawyer comes to fight his case is Arjun Rampal. Story is simple Veer overcomes an accident due to which he has memory loss and becomes “Charu Raina”.

Now who is Charu Raina , mystery opens when Veer is tested on narcotics by Doctors to say truth. Truth is even more bitter as opens on Charu Raina in Kashmir where a guy named “Ranjit” had met 10 years back.

To know more watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

Review : Although the movie was bit dragging in the middle , but loved the way director Bugs Bhargava Krishna has maintained the suspense thoroughly , which takes you till the end to know the truth.


The Story ‘Nail Polish’ is available on ZEE 5 .

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Happy New year 2021 | Start of a decade

Start of a New year 2021 , and its also the Start of a Decade – Here’s our first Blog to Enter from 2020 to 2021. Firstly meeting with legendary actor Prem Chopra sir on cinema talks.

By Priyanka Raina

Prem Chopra , Priyanka Raina

And the party continues at Actor Aanand Balraj ‘s place

Priyanka Raina
Aanand Balraj , Priyanka Raina

And the party continues ….

Cheers to Happy 2021
Cheers to Happy 2021

With Two big Short film realesed in 2020 and many Locdown films on great messages , this year we promise to keep you entertained too with Priyanka Raina films.

Followed by blessings of WAHEGURU JI by visiting Gurdwara and Blessed to have Langar to start the year with Waheguru ji Blessings !!

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Year 2020 has Brought Directing “TWO” Big Short films , “Facebook” Live Chat shows & much more- Priyanka Raina

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Priyanka Raina

Year 2020” Brought me Directing “TWO” Big Short films , Conducting “Facebook” Live Chat shows & many Lockdown films“- Priyanka

2020 has been a rollercoaster year considering the “pandemic” and “Lockdown” so far, A year of discovering our selves , A year of knowing your selves much better, a year of spending time with families and much more apart.

Also directed many Short videos featuring ‘Priyanka’ in double or Triple role on messages which are there on my page Priyanka Raina. 2020 also brought us back to life of 90s , working out under the tree instead of closed ‘GYMS’. Shot Fitness videos to give knowledge on ground workouts.

By Priyanka Raina

Lockdown” in the room , thought of an idea and so wrote a small short film and thought for bringing actors into it. First actually spoke to Prem Chopra sir that on approval of acting in Short films. When got the approval, then made the plan and send script to Rakesh Bedi sir as he is from Theaters. Rakesh Bedi shot well and sent on my wats app. And then brought many actors Rajkumar Kanoja, Surinder Pal Singh in it who shot videos in different characters. Here’s Short film featuring Prem Chopra , Directed by Priyanka Raina.

Well much before in March 2020 , I directed short film NEHA which is based on Depression factor on ‘How actors commit suicide ‘ . “The movie was released on my Birthday”, Priyanka Raina adds and Produced by THE MENDING MINDS.

Prior coming , made ‘Fitness’ videos giving tips on ‘How to ground workouts’ when gyms were closed. So here is video of workouts doing Mountain climbing, Shoulders touch, push ups, planks and more. Watch video to know “Proper” words.


Then there ‘Lockdown‘ Short films which all there on our official You Tube , Do subscribe to watch many more content videos.

Short film on “Mumbai’

Short film on ‘Back to work’ giving motivation , to go around with #SafetyFirst norms.

Then there are many many more conducting live shows on Facebook with Poonam Dhillon, Sandip Soparkar, Deepak Balraj Vij, REMO DSOZA Sahila Chaddha , VARUN SHARMA and Aarti Chabaria , singing with Kumar Shanu , Himesh Reshammiya , Playing BasketBall and much more.

Lockdown has opened way for cycling around the streets of #Bandra , birds moving freely on roads and singing. Also one thing Lockdown has a huge impact on increasing sales of Cycles Love.

Last but not least , Love for music is always beyond so singing song from ‘Mera naam joker’

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Celebrating 50 years of Mera Naam Joker, One of greatest movies of Indian Cinema!

Mera Naam Joker released on 18th Dec 1970 , and so Today we celebrate 50 years of Indian Cinematic journey which had many fresh faces Unlike Rishi Kapoor, Padmini Kolapuri adding freshness to Cinema. Also adds 50 Years of Rishi Kapoor who played as a Child actor (Junior Raj Kapoor) in movie.

By Priyanka Raina

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In Todays post by Neetu Kapoor on Instagram mentions “Mera naam joker released on 18th dec. 1970 .. today would have been his 50 years in the indian film industry #rishikapoor” which had more then millions comments in a minutes time, showing Love for Indian Cinema.

Also Short Film maker Priyanka Raina showing her love for Raj Kapoor posts on Instagram “#MeraNaamJoker released on 18th Dec 1970 ; What a incredible contribution to #IndianCinema💕 As we Celebrate #50YearsOfMeraNaamJoker And #50YearsOfRishiKapoor 💕

Thank you #RishiKapoor for giving the most meaningful cinema; movies like #premrog #heena #mulk ; etc which had a great message💕

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Deepak Balraj Vij talks on Incredible contribution , Journey with Actors in Indian Cinema !!

Indian Filmmaker who had introduced Ronit Roy Bose in Jaan Tere Naam , Baba Sehgal in Stuntman , and eventually became the first Director for Madhuri Dixit Nene to release her first HIT film “Sailaab” , as earlier were few of her releases but didn’t work. Meet Director Deepak Balraj Vij in a Exclusive chat on Incredible Cinema.

By Priyanka Raina

(L-R) Balraj Vij, Kishori Shahane Vij , Deepak Balraj Vij

Q. First of all, as I heard about Actor Balraj Vij , Tell some of BALRAJ VIJ films which I think also my Generation would be unaware of his films. As Even I came to know about Raj Kapoor after reading the Book “Khullam Khulla“. What a Cocktail of films. Also Am curious to know about the films acted by Balraj Vij actor .

Deepak Balraj Vij : Ya sure , My Father Balraj Vij was an Actor and was Discovered by Bimal Roy. Bimal Roy is one of the World’s most famous Director as everyone knows. Then Bimal Roy did a film called “Pehla Aadmi” which was based on the principles of Subhash Chandra Bose. The Balraj Vij did a film called “Vachchan” as main lead which was featuring Geeta Bali . The movie had this lovely song “CHANDA MAMA” , which had Music by Ravi and sung by Asha Bhosle. Then he did many films and being his son “I had a very great platform for me” to get into Cinema. My Dad never told me to be a Actor or Director, Think it was Destiny or Circumstances of impact of his movies which brought me to “Indian Cinema“.

Q. You have launched many faces like Baba Sehgal , Ronit Bose Roy and worked with Madhuri Dixit in “Sailaab” which eventually became her First HIT release. Tell of your associations.

Deepak Balraj Vij :See Cinema is such a place when anyone comes here and then everyone goes into their world of discoveries. Some go too high , Some go too low , its all Destiny and then they return with content. Baba Sehgal is a very good Rapper and music director. Aout Madhuri Dixit, what should I say and the Best part is she is natural actor.

In Sailaab , We did a song “HUMKO AAJ KAL HAI INTEZAAR ,KOI LEKE AAYE PYAR” choregraphed by Saroj Khan which Saroj ji use to show to producers that “This song is done by me” and This Hit Jodi got lots of Love with Many songs , EK DO TEEN being the iconic.

Q. Since you have introduced all Biggies of Cinema , Your son Bobby – are you planning to launch him or when can we see him in movies?

Deepak Balraj Vij : Everyone thinks as am Director , I would make film for Bobby but it’s not that way. He has made his way himself, He is one of the top Gladrags Model. Bobby has done lots of theaters and he makes his short films continuously on board. Tom he going for one big coarse to update himself in acting. Yes he will be very soon in Cinema. He knows Martial arts, Dance and all skills.

Deepak Balraj Vij, Priyanka Raina

Also to youngsters, I tell “Keep giving Auditions’ and never say no to good role, rest is your Destiny. like Shatrughan sinha became star even with that one scene. All depends on how you perform.

Q. Your Last film was MAALIK EK which I think was in 2010. And after making such big films which all are Musically Hit, what made a gap of Ten years?

Deepak Balraj Vij : Since Ten years , I have not made any film because earlier when I use to Make films – Was pretty easy. I use to announce when ever I wanted to start a film, For example want to start shooting on 10th and my infrastructure was strong by just calling up “Technical team” picture would start.

Now the biggest reason s “Distributers” and “Financer” whom I call as “Blood Suckers” , take film on 10 percent and Financer charge Two and Half percent interest on Lakh in return. Because of this many producers were in loses , Had to sell their homes to make films. Even I had to sell one of Home , well designed which I feel tell now. This all things go on , Then I thought what films to make and what I have to sell. Then I stopped and started working just as a Director.

Up to 25 films, I have directed as a Director and in all my films , Producers have earned huge profits. And even I got huge money. SO thought “why take tension” , Just be a Director and be happy. and In these Ten years , I have made lots of short Films. One of which is Made In India.

Q: Talking on Music , Music of all your films have been romantically Hit so far…

Deepak Balraj Vij : Music of all films weather “Sailaab” or “Jaan Tere Naam” or you talk on “Stuntman” is being loved, Coz I believe MUSIC is the only piece that connects with heart. and as you can see in background here too – with a soft Music. Music gives a warm sensation so I choose songs which I should feel in love first.

Q- Talking on Fans Question “Real Cinema or Commercial Cinema – Which of these give Director a major Throwback”

Deepak Balraj Vij : Good Question, see Real films are such which have real effect like when PM Rajiv Gandhi went in Bombblast – So I called up IMPPA and registered title “BOMBBLAST“. They were telling that such a incident has happened , everyone is sad and you want to register.

On this I told, “Incident has happened , I am sad and as am Filmmaker have idea in mind and if someone takes this title, Then I cannot make. I make films on real incident so this is called Realistic cinema. Now talking on Commercial films, I have given commercial Hits like Jaan Tere Naam which is totally opposite of this

Q What are your upcoming Projects in line?

Deepak Balraj Vij : My future projects are that I am directing one web series and planning to make sequel of JAAN TERE NAAM 2. That is only film I want to do as it had wonderful Music.

Q: Talking on Journalism, How would you differentiate Journalism in ancient in Todays times?

Deepak Balraj Vij : Firstly a sad news that a top most paper “Mumbai Mirror” has closed down. Now Talking on Journalism in 90s , what ever we use to share with them- They would only print that – And in return Gift give a Bottle of “Whisky” , “Conveyance” etc.

Also if outdoor shoot , some makers like Subhash Ghai would call them to shoot BY AIR , and it was all a different experience. Talking on Todays Journalism , We dont have to tell them a word, as they get matter via digital platforms. They take your information’s and check your history on Google , then by adding MASALA make a nice story. But I love Todays Journalism , Because I know once you say anything – It will take just a moment and you are on Air.

And as I can see all AWARDS on wall which you can see in video , On this Deepak Balraj VIJ says “This is in all a struggle of making 25 films , which takes a huge time”

Watch VIDEO for to see the Legacy of AWARDS of all musically Hit Films

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Hum Apke Hain Kaun Actress Sahila Chaddha launches her new venture – LE MIRACLES in conversation with Priyanka Raina !

Hum Apke Hain Kaun Actress and Miss India Sahila Chaddha who has acted in more then 50 successful films now launches her new venture – LE MIRACLES. Check it out in chat with Priyanka Raina as Sahila Chaddha herself speaks about her Venture LE MIRACLES – An Restaurant and also all set to launch Acting classes which will be huge start up for fresshers.

By Priyanka Raina

Sahila Chaddha , Priyanka Raina

First of all tell ,How your Journey Started in Industry ?

Sahila Chaddha – I had won many contests and I was Miss India and my Dad Vimal Chaddha was from film background so blessed to start my journey here

Tell us about your new venture , How does the name LE MIRACLES derived ?

Sahila Chaddha – Like mostly everyone keeps name in the name of religion or any faith belief. So I thought as we are all Indians and above all Humans – So why not keep a name which is globally for one which goes internationally as well – and LE MIRACLES came. Also talking to hygiene level , I have different kitchens and separate cooks too for Vegetarian and non Vegetarian dishes. Customers those order from Zomato should get a home made feel, so we prepare total fresh food.

We are mostly concentrating on Quality , its basically my daughter Princess venture. I am supporting her fully, Of coarse she has worked very hard and we try to provide a Total HOME MADE fresh food.

Now tell us something about Acting Classes , as we are even coming with Acting tips to youth under LE MIRACLES ?

Sahila Chaddha – Acting classes is something that I was looking at quite a sometime now. “Le Miracles” is totally a Princess venture , where as Acting classes as I am an Actor so friends often told me that why not you start your own Acting classes as you are a Trained actor yourself.

I got first offer from Delhi and Bhopal as they were telling “Start acting class there”. But I thought as our main base in Mumbai , and Cinema is here so we will start first in Mumbai and then it will be everywhere as “Franchise” on demands.

Apart from “Feature Films” Also you have acted in Short film Zindagi which went viral on social networking sites with 45 milion Hits ?

Sahila Chaddha – Yes (Laughs) and I will only say about this as Zindagi is the only Short film which I have done till now. I only did because Director (Anil Sharma) whom had worked in film MAA earlier , his brother Kapil Sharma had approached me. Kapil told that I have written a subject on Life where you suit in a Main role.

So This I initially told , “Who’s Directing”. Kapil told she’s a new girl and we want you should promote her and help her. So I told first I want to meet her then I will take a decision. So we had a meeting and our Director Priyanka Raina is here taking a wonderful talk today.


Watch Full Conversation on ACTING CLASSES by Sahila Chaddha her self here

Actors can get in touch with LE MIRACLES at respective numbers +918767978777 , +919967886913 , +917208638689 , +919821985103 to Enroll in.

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Rani Mukerji on World Disability Day ‘I learnt a lot about humanity by doing Black and Hichki’

‘I learnt a lot about humanity by doing Black and Hichki’

*‘I learnt a lot about humanity by doing Black and Hichki’ : on World Disability Day, Rani Mukerji speaks about the need to be an inclusive, empowering society*

By Priyanka Raina

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-20201203-wa0001.jpg
Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji has always wowed audiences with her brilliant performances in her cinematic career. Critics and audiences rate her performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black to be her masterpiece and her acting in Hichki as one of her career best. Her impeccable acting as a specially-abled girl Michelle McNally in Black, who strikes a beautiful and soulful bond with her teacher, and her portrayal of a confident Tourette Syndrome patient, Naina Mathur, looking to stamp her presence in this world in the superhit Hichki, helped spark necessary societal conversations about inclusivity and the need for equal rights of citizens.

On World Disability Day today, Rani speaks about the need to be an inclusive, empowering society for all Indians. “I learnt a lot about humanity by doing these outstanding, sensitive films like Black and Hichki. I think these films contributed to making me a better human being and I’m fortunate that I got to do these films and be a part of such beautiful cinematic visions of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Siddharth P. Malhotra. I hope these films managed to spark the right conversations in society about the need to treat everyone as an equal,” she says.

Rani Mukherji , Priyanka Raina

Rani says the characters Michelle McNally and Naina Mathur has made her a stronger human being. She adds, “I learnt about the resolve of people who are determined to triumph despite all odds stacked up against them, their dreams, their aspirations and essaying these powerful girls on screen, made me a stronger human being. I’m grateful that I can talk, see, hear and I realized that, as human beings, we might be taking these things for granted.”

Rani says stereotyping of human beings because of their handicap must end at all cost. She says, “For me, Black and Hichki were emotional experiences that opened my eyes more towards inclusivity for all, kindness and gratitude for what we have. As citizens of this country, we must all do our bit to constantly bring conversations about inclusivity and equality to the fore. Every citizen has rights and I realized that there is a lot of work that we all need to put in, individually, to stop discrimination and stereotyping of individuals like those I have portrayed in Black and Hichki.”

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