Saif Ali Khan on working with Rani Mukerji after years!

‘It needed a chartbuster like Tattoo Waaliye for Rani and I to dance again after years”: Saif Ali Khan on shaking a leg with his favourite co-star Rani Mukerji in Bunty Aur Babli 2

By Priyanka Raina

Yash Raj Films’ Bunty Aur Babli 2, which is set to release worldwide on November 19, 2021, is a rib-tickling comedy that will pit two sets of con artists, from different generations, against each other as they try to prove who is the better con couple! Playing the OG Bunty Babli is Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji who are reuniting on the big screen after delivering blockbusters like Hum Tum. Incidentally, Saif and Rani will also be dancing together on a foot-tapping club song titled Tattoo Waaliye which marks them shaking a leg together after years!

Saif says “Every on-screen Jodi over the decades have had a unique calling card for audiences. For Rani and me, it has been romantic comedies and we have been lucky to have had chart-busting songs! Hum Tum especially had blockbuster music. Rani and I had a blast filming such songs and dancing to them.”

He adds, “We are coming back to the screen again with the sole objective to entertain audiences thoroughly in Bunty Aur Babli 2 and it definitely needed a chartbuster like Tattoo Waaliye for Rani and I to dance again after years! It’s a fun, party track that will pull people to the dance floor. We were a house on fire shooting it!”

Rani reveals, “Saif and I had a lot of fun doing a song’s a dance song straight after Ta Ra Rum Pum’s ‘Ab To Forever and while it’s different this time as there is Siddhant and Sharvari too but Tattoo Waaliye is great so it was super fun shooting it.”

She adds “Vaibhavi’s choreography made it even more rocking and the steps are very cool and relaxed. It’s a very groovy number and gets stuck in the head the more you hear it. Tattoo Waaliye is the kind of song one can hear on loop.”

Bunty Aur Babli 2 also stars Gully Boy fame Siddhant Chaturvedi and the gorgeous debutant Sharvari star as the New Bunty and Babli. It is being directed by Varun V. Sharma, who has worked as an Assistant Director in some tentpole YRF films like Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai.

Watch BUNTY AUR BABLI 2 (Trailer) here

Tattoo Waaliye has been sung by the queen of chartbusters Neha Kakkar and Pardeep Singh Sran and is set to be out on October, 28th.

Bunty Aur Babli 2 (Trailer)

It’s an epic Battle of Disguises as OG Bunty Babli take on the new Bunty Babli!

By Priyanka Raina


It’s a battle royale in Bunty Aur Babli 2 as the OG con-couple Bunty Babli, played by Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji battle it out with the new con-couple, Siddhant Chaturvedi and gorgeous big-screen debutant Sharvari, for supremacy! The rib-tickling comedy is an out-and-out family entertainer that will pit the con-stars, from different generations, against each other as they show their mastery over disguises to outwit each other and pull off outlandish cons!

Saif explains, “Films on con jobs have historically had great disguises and that’s half the fun. Nowadays we have prosthetics and makeup of a totally different level so people can expect really amazing get-ups and disguises from the cast and doing all that was a lot of fun.”

Rani explains, “Both sets of con-couples are extremely intelligent. They are the best when it comes to wearing disguises because they are the best at conning people with this skill. In this film, they come face to face with each other and it’s a battle to watch out for!”

Siddhant says, “I have played so many avatars in just one film! When you do a film like Bunty Aur Babli, you promise people that they will get to see the lead actors in disguises to pull off elaborate cons and this film will over-deliver in this regard.”

Watch Bunty Aur Babli Trailer here

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Aditya Chopra on 26 years of DDLJ!

Yash Raj Films is the biggest Indian studio and it’s Chairman and Managing Director, Aditya Chopra, has directed and produced some of the biggest blockbusters in the history of Indian cinema. His debut directorial, the historic romantic film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, which released in 1995, is still running in theatres. Popularly called DDLJ, it is one of the highest grossing movies in the history of Indian cinema and the biggest IP of the country’s rich and diverse movie industry.

By Priyanka Raina

Aditya Chopra

Western musical theatre and Indian films are two long lost lovers separated in time’ : says biggest Indian film-maker Aditya Chopra, who is set to make his Broadway debut as a director with his record-setting worldwide blockbuster, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)

After 26 years, Aditya Chopra is set to direct DDLJ again and it will mark his debut as a director on Broadway. He strongly feels Broadway and Indian films are ‘two long lost lovers separated in time’ because of their intrinsic similarities as both celebrate heart-warming stories and human emotions through music and dance. Aditya has been working on this passion project for the past three years and has roped in a stellar, extremely diverse team, comprising some of the best talents of Broadway and India for the same.

Come Fall in Love – The DDLJ Musical is being produced by Yash Raj Films. Based on an original story by Chopra, the musical will feature book and lyrics by Laurence Oliver Award-winner Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde, Mean Girls), top Indian songwriters Vishal Dadlani & Shekhar Ravjiani will serve as composers. Tony and Emmy winner Rob Ashford (Frozen, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Boys from Syracuse) will choreograph with associate choreographer Shruti Merchant. The design team will also include set design by Emmy and Tony Award winner Derek McLane (Moulin Rouge!, Hairspray Live!, 33 Variations) and music supervision by Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award-winning Bill Sherman (In The Heights, Sesame Street, Hamilton). Adam Zotovich is the Executive Producer for the project.

Come Fall in Love – The DDLJ Musical is set to be on stage in the Broadway season of 2022-2023, with a World Premiere at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego September 2022. A global casting search begins shortly headed by Duncan Stewart of Stewart/Whitley casting and Yash Raj Films casting head Shanoo Sharma.


Summer 1985. I was 14 and on a holiday in London. My parents took my brother and me for our first musical theatre experience. The lights dimmed, the curtains lifted and what unfolded in the next 3 hours left me speechless and stunned. Now, till then, I was a kid who was an avid movie watcher and what I loved the most was big screen Indian blockbusters. But that day what I saw on stage blew my mind. I couldn’t believe that this kind of spectacle could be created live on stage. But the most significant aspect that resonated with me was how similar musical theatre was to our Indian films. It was just not the fact that both use songs to tell the story, it was much more than that, it was the feeling they evoked which was exactly the same. The burst of colours, the heightened drama, the passionate singing, the unabashed dancing, a classic story, a happy end. It filled me with the same joy and emotions that a good Indian film does. I realised then, that worlds apart, languages apart, western musical theatre and Indian films are two long lost lovers separated in time.

Autumn 2021… I’m embarking on my most ambitious project till date. I’m reuniting two long lost lovers, Broadway Musical and Indian Films. 26 years back I started my career with a film called Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ, what it is more famously known as). The film created history and changed my life and many others forever. But what many don’t know is that I never intended to make DDLJ in Hindi. As a 23 year old young man greatly influenced by Hollywood and American pop culture, I thought I would make a couple of Indian films and then I would be off to Hollywood and make DDLJ for a worldwide English speaking audience with Tom Cruise as my leading man. That obviously didn’t happen. DDLJ released in 1995 and became the longest running film of Indian cinema. It gave me my identity and kickstarted an amazing journey for which I’ll always be grateful.

26 years later I’m going back to my original vision of the story of DDLJ, a love story of an American boy and an Indian girl, a love story of two cultures…two worlds. But this time the medium is not cinema but theatre. 26 years later I will be directing DDLJ all over again but this time as an English language Broadway Musical for a worldwide audience.

I’m terribly nervous and incredibly excited. I’m a hardcore cinema guy, I have never done theatre in my life and here I am trying to pull off the craziest ambition of my life. But what is giving me confidence is the fantastic team that I have. Each one of them are masters of their field and their brilliance and expertise is going to make this a fantastic show. The past 3 years as we have developed this passion project, I have learnt so much from them and discovered the unbelievable talent that the Broadway community has. I feel 23 again, the same age I was when I directed DDLJ. I’m once again a student, each one of my team members is more experienced than me in the world of theatre, I’m the rookie and I’m loving every moment of it. I’m all set to learn, explore, create and enjoy with these wonderful theatre artists and the magical world of Broadway Musicals.

See you on stage in Autumn 2022 with Come Fall in Love – The DDLJ Musical – Aditya Chopra

Priyanka Raina on her “DDLJ” Mood

Quote from Nell Benjamin
“DDLJ was my introduction to Indian filmmaking before I even knew who the amazing Aditya Chopra was, and the movie had such joy and heart that I fell in love with it. I was so happy to be approached to do the musical and I hope my work helps everyone fall in love with Simran and Rog and their journey across multiple cultures to love. The world can always use a little more cultural understanding, and I can’t wait to sit in a theater with an audience sharing the joy and surprise of Come Fall in Love – The DDLJ Musical.”

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Bunty Aur Babli 2 (Trailer) out on 25th Oct 2021, Excited?

‘It’s a war between the OGs and the New Bunty Babli’: the cast of Bunty Aur Babli mercilessly troll each other in a super unique, hilarious teaser that doesn’t have any film footage

By Priyanka Raina

Yash Raj Films Bunty Aur Babli 2, which is set to release worldwide on November 19, 2021, is a rib-tickling comedy that will pit two sets of con artists, from different generations, against each other as they try to prove who is the better con couple! The makers are setting up this rivalry through a super innovative hilarious teaser video that DOESN’T have ANY film footage! In the video these two pairs of con artists mercilessly troll each other. The video has also revealed that the trailer of Bunty Aur Babli 2 will be out on Monday, 25th October.

Saif Ali Khan, who plays the OG Bunty aka Rakesh, reveals, “Bunty Aur Babli 2 is a game of cat and mouse between the OG con couple and the New con couple trying to prove that they are better than what the originals were in their prime. This will spark the rivalry and it’s just hilarious because of how intelligently the script has been written to show this madness.”

Rani Mukerji, who reprises the role of Vimmy aka Babli in this completely rebooted franchise film, adds, “The video is a true reflection of what the film has to offer to audiences which is non-stop entertainment and non-stop comedy. Though in the unit, we play ourselves and not the characters in the film, it has been smartly written with trolling humour as Saif and I go after Siddhant and Sharvari and vice versa.”

Gully Boy heartthrob Siddhant Chaturvedi is playing the New Bunty. He says, “It’s a war between the OG’s and the new Bunty Babli and it has been brilliantly captured in the video. Both parties stake the claim to be intellectually superior. While the OGs feel that the New con artists are mere usurpers, the new con couple feels that they are way too cool and smart than the OGs! That’s the premise of the film and you will see us going after each other right from this video and all through the entire marketing campaign!”

Gorgeous debutant Sharvari plays the role of the New Babli. She says, “It was super fun to shoot this because here we were being trolled by Saif sir and Rani ma’am for being fake Bunty Babli and we had to prove it to them saying how we are way, way superior con artists because we are children of the tech boom. It was just a laugh riot shooting this unit with the team and we are confident that this will entertain you thoroughly.”

Watch Trailer here

Bunty Aur Babli 2 has been directed by Varun V. Sharma, who has worked as an Assistant Director in YRF’s biggest blockbusters Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai.

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Babloo Bachelor (Review) | Sharman Joshi | Puneet Vasishtha


Release Date: 22/10/2021

Genre: Comedy

Duration : 130 MINUTES

Censor : U/A

Produced By:  AJAY RAJWANI






Shooting Scheduled:  Complete

Cinematography  – AGNIDEV CHATERJEE



Distributor : Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited

Media Relation:  Ashwani Shukla , Altair Media

REVIEW BY : Priyanka Raina

Artist Summery

Sharman Joshi as Babloo

Pooja Chopra as Avantika

Tejashri Pradhan as Swati

Rajesh Sharma as Babloo’s Father

Leena Prabhu As Babloo’s Mother

Neeraj Khetripal As Sharman Chacha

Sumeet Gulati As Sharman Friend

Beena Bhat As Sharman Sister cousin

Raju Kher As Prabhat

Late Charu Rohatgi As Prabhat Wife

Sweety Walia As Sharman Bua

Manoj Joshi As Phopa

Akash Dhabade As Friend

Dowly Chawla As Bua”S Daughter

Asrani As Broker

Punit Vasishtha As Village Boy

Deepali Sharma As Ankh Marne Wali Girl

Ashok Awasthi As Ankh Marne Wali Girl FATHER

Maushumi Dutta As Gymnastic Girl

Deepali Singh As Feet Attack Girl

Mukesh Padhya As Feet Attack Girl FATHER

Nidhi Vikram As Bhabhi

Sanjeev Srivastava As Ankh Marne Wali Girl Father

Manoj Balaji As Taxi Driver

Ramsujan Singh As Chaubeji

Kammie Waghela As Manager

Livert As Police Inspector

Farah Lakhani As Bride Girl ( Reshoot)

Sushmita Banik As Ankh Marne Wali Girl( Reshoot)

Synopsis/ Plot:Tthe story of the film is based on up, where a well to do family had always dreamt of their son’s wedding with great pomp and show. Babloo “sharman joshi” met few girls for his wedding but didn’t get the right one.then he met pooja chopra who was already engaged in other relationship and is not virgin. After listening to this, he rejects the proposal. In one wedding he got to meet tejasri pradhan, with whom he falls in love and both agrees for the marriage. But the twist comes when on the wedding day tejasri ran way from the wedding and left a letter for him. She had always wanted to be an actor and now she had got a chance of a lead actor in a reality show in mumbai. Sharman tries everything to reach his would be wife. He even goes to mumbai. There, by chance, he again bumped into puja chopra who was the creative head of that channel. He told her everything. She agrees to help him and when finally tejasri comes back, sharman falls in love with puja chopra after looking at her initiative and efforts to bring tejasri back.

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Tiger Shroff, Priyanka Raina on Save Environment | Bhamla Foundation

As we all know , Tiger Shroff had always set goals on Fitness as far health issues concerned, Here’s now something different to clean environment, Check it out with Priyanka Raina as walking to support Bhamla Foundation.

Tiger Shroff, Priyanka Raina

Here Priyanka asks Tiger Shroff as we are supporting “Save Environment” , Also it would be wonderful if Cycling would come in large numbers. As cycling is good for health too and it controls pollution too…

On this Tiger Shroff replied sweetly, “Oh yes infact Cycling is a very good exercise and of ur office is closer by, why not – You should Cycle your way and be healthy, Stay Fit.

Here s video of Tiger Shroff and Priyanka Raina at Bhamla Foundation walking to Save Environment

Also if you have passion for cycling, Do let us know in comments below. And hit Cycle today and be in mission “Save Petrol, Burn your Petrol”

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Tiger Shroff and R BALKI support Save Environment mission| Bhamla Foundation

Launch of a global campaign on Urban Forests and Climate Change with Youth Icon Tiger Shroff in the honour of Chief of UNEP – United Nations Environment Program Mr.Erick Solhem spearheaded by Asif Bhamla

By Priyanka Raina

Tiger Shroff, R Balki at BHAMLA FOUNDATION

*Initiative by Bhamla Foundation ably supported by Mr Erick Solhem. Deforestation and Climate Change need our urgent attention. The solution to counter these threats are Urban Afforestation. Our challenge is to strategically create & expand Urban forests and control the climatic change.

We are honoured to have a youth icon like Tiger Shroff as the face of this global campaign and we are confident that this campaign would create greater consciousness and seriousness of the youth towards the environment conservation. says Asif Bhamla

Erick Solhem “ I am glad to know the excellent work Bhamla foundation It has been doing-and immensely contributing towards protecting the environment development and Conserving of urban forest and Tiger Shroff as A youth icon is the perfect ambassador to drive people especially the youth towards the cause .

Tiger Shroff says Asif Bhamla Foundation has been selflessly and consistently doing great work and I personally believe in keeping our environment safe for years to come and this is an important aspect of our lives and I appeal to all to diligently work towards it .

Also Read reknown filmmaker R BALKI along with Priyanka Raina wishes Birthday to Superstar Star SUNNY Deol. SUNNY Deol will be playing lead role in R BALKI s upcoming CHUP which is based on journey of Guru Dutt.

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Shiddat (2021) Review | All can say is RAINA Charm

Directed By: Kunal Deshmukh

Produced By: Maddock Films

Cast : Mohit Raina; Radhika Maiddan ; Sunny Kaushal, Pooja Surti

Review by: Priyanka Raina

Mohit Raina, Priyanka Raina

Shiddat , Basically story involved about a guy who is love with a girl in a Sports complex in punjab. But as girl moves on to London with family, Boy decides to go all the way from Punjab to London illegally through immigrants. And hurdles he faces is his shiddat of love.

Direction: Can say a well presented film from all the crap atleast that is coming all these days. film has emotions , love sensation and everything you want go along and above all is “Raina” Charm.

Music – One way where makers lost, putting Remixes of YAMA YAMA from SHAAN looses your caliber. This proves that as There are more fresh music Directors available today.

Review- Mohit Raina nailed the film beautiful with all the punjabi songs “O meri Heere…”

Ratings – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Rahasya (Review) By Priyanka Raina

Review By Priyanka Raina

Just reviving my old articles , one of the best MURDER mystery which was published in Filmytown

Genre: Suspense   

Recommended: General Audience   

Released: 30 January 2015
Starring: Nimai Bali, Tisca Chopra, Ashwini Khalsekar, Kay Kay Menon, Ashish Vidyarthi, Baby Sakshi, Kunal Sharma
Directed by: Manish Gupta

Rahasya - Hindi movie review

There are several films which have come previously on Murder Mystery like Superhits MURDER. Its obvious when a movie come on this subject, it has to suspense based with Drama added on who is the Murderer. Lets see now what is the RAHASYA of upcoming movie releasing today?

Rahasya is story of Ayesha Mahajan (Sakshi Sem) who gets murdered at her residence in night and only when her maid Remi Fernades (Ashwini Khalsekar) comes to give Tea, she is shocked to see the Murder of Remi. Then Police come and whole investigation starts on on “Who is Murderer”?

This 18 year old girl is murdered in her own house and her father Sachin Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi) is deemed the prime suspect for the murder.

Investigation given to Mumbai Police, Duty in Charge Marathi Officer Santosh Malvade (Namai Bali), who investigates and interrogates all members associated with the Murder and Suspects victim Ashish Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi). Ashish is sentenced in court.

Then case further goes to CBI branch Officer Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon) where the entire case is restudied and taken out the Mystery that Ayesha had a Boyfriend Riyaz Moorani (Kunal Sharma) who was a criminal, and he had killed her…..This one is really one Rahasya (Mystery). The CBI Chief Sunil Paraskar soon finds evidence that makes it more difficult to determine who exactly is responsible for Ayesha’s death. As various suspects and their motives are being tested, what comes out is a riveting story of a double murder.

Story Graph: Story goes in many ways as the Characters tell on investigation. Ayesha was in love with Riyaaz Moorani, and on saying no Riyaaz killed her. Then, Ashish Mahajan on finding him with someone scolded her and in disguise as he was drunk, he killed her.

Other Suspect is his Neighbour who was jealous of Ashish because his wife was in love with him, so he was seeing from his window and taking advantage, he killed her. Well Some Interesting Facts about RAHASYA.

Character Graph: Nimay Bali has acted spontaneous in Dabangg Marathi officer, and being a Punjabi spoken so fluent Marathi. Tisca Chopra plays character of wife and is a Doctor by profession. Kay Kay Menon looks different in all, with his versatile acting. Ashish Vidyarthi is too good in his character who till end we didnt come to know on “Who was Murder” when Suspect was on him.

Review: Three Stars to the Film – One Star goes to of course who has showered with good acting Namai Bali & Kay Kay Menon, the other one for the Concept which is actual Hero, and One Star goes to Direction which has maintained suspense throughout . In short, Rahasya is must watch movie where u will get good Cinema.

Review By Priyanka Raina

Rahasya - Hindi movie review

Directed By Manish Gupta
Produced By Monica Vimal Maluka

Nimai Bali as Santosh Malvade
Tisca Chopra as Aarti Mahajan
Ashwini Khalsekar as Remi Fernades
Kay Kay Menon as Sunil Paraskar
Ashish Vidyarthi as Ashish Mahajan
Baby Sakshi as Ayesha Mahajan
Kunal Sharma as Riyaz Noorani

Commemorating the 112th Birth Anniversary of legendary filmmaker Sashadhar Mukerji: Monarch of Musical Marvels

By Priyanka Raina
Commemorating the 112th Birth Anniversary of legendary filmmaker Sashadhar Mukerji: Monarch of Musical Marvels

Sashadhar Mukerji (of Filmistan and Filmalaya) was highly dynamic and enterprising, full of zest and zeal, brimming with positive outlook and, not the least, always on the move… as exemplified by his successful sojourn from Bombay Talkies to Filmistan to Filmalaya to S Mukerji Film Syndicate …..

Truly, his name Sashadhar (the Crescent Moon) signified radiance and resplendence of a personality attractive and awe inspiring, exalted and enamouring who touched gold at every step. It is this unabated spate of success after sucess that kept the Mukerji on the Move ~ All’WAYS’ !!

Mukerji was a MSc with Physics and, interestingly, he represented the ‘kinetic energy’ of a moving object irrespective of whether he moved with his family and friends or walked alone!

He was the Monarch of Musical Marvels with an impressive track record of successful musicals ranging from:
Bandhan, Jhoola, Kismat (as the Producer for Bombay Talkies ) to his own Filmistan’s formula laden feisty entertainers:
Do Bhai, Eight Days, Safar, Shikari, Saajan, Shehnai, Sindoor, Shaheed, Nadiya ke Paar, Samadhi, Sargam, Anand Math, Shabistan, Shreematiji, Shart, Anarkali, Nagin, Nastik, Jagriti, Durgesh Nandini, Champakali, Heer, Munimji, Paying Guest, Tumsa Nahin Dekha to the offspring Filmalaya’s fun filled offerings :
Dil Deke Dekho, Hum Hindustani, Love in Simla, Ek Musafir Ek Hasina, Aao Pyar Karen, Tu Hi Meri Zindagi to the S Mukerji Film Syndicates’ gambol and gamble: Leader and Sambandh respectively…

Clean and wholesome entertainment with particular emphasis on good music and dance was the hallmark of Mukerji’s movies.

Two noteworthy features of the Midas Mukerji were:

  • Fundamentally, he was an Indian and probably a Gandhian; at best a nationalist who was always attired in white with a prominent Gandhi cap!

Quite a number of romantic musical films set in the backdrop of freedom struggle and dialogues and songs resonating with patriotism bear testimony to this:
Films like Shaheed, Samadhi, Anandmath, Hum Hindustani (not sure), Leader, Tu Hi Meri Zindagi had nationalistic fervour with, of course, the essential box office staple of romance, music and dance. Even films like Chal Chal Re Naujawan, Shikari, Shabnam, Shreematiji, Jagriti, Ek Musafir Ek Hasina had the turbulent war time backdrop though not connected to the main plot.

Mukerji understood the pulse of the people and touched the right chord with songs like:

Door hato ae duniyawalo Hindustan hamara hai (Kismat)

Bharat ke naujawano chalo ek raah par (Chal Chal Re Naujawan)

Watan ki raah mein watan ke naujawan shaheed ho (Shaheed)

Sab milkar Hind pukaaren, Jai azaad Hind ke baare (Samadhi)

Subhashchandra ke naam se hai Hindustan ka Naam (Samadhi)

Vande maataram (Anandmath)

Aao bachcho tumhen dikhaayen jhaanki Hindustan ki (Jagriti)

Hum laayen hai toofan se kishti nikaal ke (Jagriti)

De di hamen azaadi bina khadag bina dhaal (Jagriti)

Chhodo kal ki baaten (Hum Hindustani)

Apni azaadi ko hum hargiz mita sakte nahin (Leader)

Mere watan ka hai tu woh ratan

Ae mere watan, mere pyaare watan, tu hi meri zindagi

Tumhen watan phir pukarta hai

Mayoos na ho ae mere watan…. Adam ka lahu
(All four from Tu Hi Meri Zindagi)

  • Since many Mukerji movies were all about ‘Romance on the Road’, yet another noteworthy feature was the picturisation of songs on ‘moving objects’ like bullock cart, horse, caravan, boat, ship, cycle, jeep, motor car, train including ferris or giant wheels. As mentioned before, like these vehicles, he too represented the kinetic energy which literally kept Mukerji on the Move ~ All’WAYS’:

Chal chal re naujawan
(First Song ‘On Feet’ for a bigger Feat at every step)

Na jaane kidhar aaj meri naav chali re (Boat)

Jawani ki rel chali jaaye re (Toy Train)

More raja ho le chal nadiya ke paar (Boat)

Main hoon ek khalasi (Ship)

Do naina tumhare pyaare pyaare (Boat with mast)

Vande maataram (Horse)

Zindagi pyar ki di char Ghadi (partially on a royal craft)

Piya main to hui baawri (Jeep)

Chala kaafila pyar ka (bullock carts)

Aao bachcho tumhen dikhaayen (Train)

Dekh tere sansaar ki haalat (Train)

Humko hanste dekh zamaana jalta hai
(Cycle and Boat)

O saajna chhoota hai Jo daaman tera (Caravan)

Jeevan ke safar mein raahi (Open Car)

Maana janab ne pukara nahin (Cycle)

Yoon to humne laakh haseen dekhe (Tonga)

Raahi mil gaye raahon mein (Open Jeep)

Chhodo kal ki baaten (Cycle)

Maajhi meri qismat ke (Boat; not sure)

Dil thaam chale (Train)

Haseenon ki sawari hai (Cycle Rickshaw)

Phir tere shahar mein lutne ko chala aaya (Kashmir Boat)

Humko tumhare ishq ne
(Kashmir Boat)

Ek sunehri shaam thi (partially on Venetian Gondolo Boat)

Meri dastaan mujhe hi mera dil suna raha hai
(Gondola Boat)

Chal akela chal akela
(Last Song… on Jeep)

Thereafter, the No more Naujawan Mukerji truly walked all alone …. probably inspired by Tagore’s ‘Ekta Chalo’……

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