Happy Birthday RITU NANDA |(Also Read: How Fan moment for Raj Kapoor started with Priyanka)

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First of all wishing Happy Birthday to RITU NANDA and thanks for Writing Book on First Showman of Bollywood RAJ KAPOOR sir .

Also Short Film Director | Critic Priyanka Raina reveals how her Fan Moment started with Raj Kapoor movies . ” It all started as I read Khullam Khulla book by Rishi Kapoor Sir, In that was written Sawaria was Remake of CHALLIA . This line fascinated me. I had seen Sawaria of my generation, But have not seen Challia. So saw Challia then and was clean Bowled by making  and that’s how started my Love for Raj Kapoor movies”, Priyanka Raina says with Love for Cinema

Priyanka further continues , “After seeing Challia, as had seen Raj kapoor for first time and wanted to know more . Then saw some of his more films unlike AWARA , SHREE 420, AAH , CHORI CHORI, Andaz, Barsaat, Dharam Karan and Mera Naam Joker stays one of my favorites.”


Also Listen in video, Prior Acting of Raj Kapoor Sir – was even more fascinated by his Directions films unlike Bobby, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, Prem Rog and also HEENA which he written the draft .


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Rajiv Kapoor launches JIMMY JIMMY restaurant as tribute to Raj Kapoor movies in GEORGIA !

By : Priyanka Raina 

“Ram Teri Ganga Maili fame Rajiv Kapoor all set to launch JIMMY JIMMY which is in memory lane to Raj Kapoor fans in Georgia.


Jimmy Jimmy Indo Georgian Restaurant , Serving modern Indian & Georgian cuisine with Live Indian – Bhangra Dancers, Georgian singers and dancers from a power pack Entertainment package.


Also, featuring Outdoor Seating. The rooftop & verandah next to indoor seating offers BBQ on each tables, a self-cooking experience adds up to the wow factors of restaurant.

IMG-20191027-WA0037On the other side, you will enjoy the finest contemporary cuisine gazing at breathtaking views of Caucasus Mountains from our Shisha Lounge located outside the restaurant dining area

The chef has crafted the menu to create a balance of taste  and flavor that stimulates the palate. Your rendezvous begins with enjoying some soothing beverages coupled with an impressive starter selection.

The main course indulges you in heavenly culinary pleasure while we present our extensive desert menu to wind up your meal.

With such an enticing menu, this marvelously designed restaurant will create lasting memories of Georgia.



Watch Video as RAJIV KAPOOR enters to launch Jimmy Jimmy


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Wishing All viewers a Very Happy Dhanteras , Prosperous Diwali& Blessed New Year !

By : Priyanka Raina 

Director | Critic Priyanka Raina takes Facebook to wish viewers on eve of Dhanteras followed with a message .


We wish our viewers a Very Happy Dhanteras with Lots of “DHAN” , Prosperous Diwali and Blessed new year.

“Diwali is a festival of Lights and not Sounds” . Also This Diwali , Say No to Crackers and Burn lots of Lamps” Have a safe Diwali

Diwali is a Five day Festival starts with Dhanteras on 25th Oct,

25th Oct – Dhanteras
26th Oct – Chot Diwali
27th Oct – Diwali
28th Oct – Gowardhan Pooja
29th Oct – Bhaidhooj

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New OTT platform PRIME FLIX launched with couple of Web series !!

Prime flix OTT platform launches its App on 7th OCTOBER in presence of entire media . Prime flix logo was been unveiled by the Company Managing Director Rakesh Bhosle followed by the glimpses of web series going to be streaming on the OTT platfrom . The poster & Trailer of following web series like Junoon E Isshq, Tharkistan, Beer boys Vodka Girls, Mrs. Savita, Isholholic, Ghostleela, Bhadkhau was show cased in front of media
(L-R) Priyanka Raina , Jyothi Venkatesh and Ashish Deo (Black Home) Fame seen at PRIME FLIX launch party
Rakesh Bhosle  Managing Director – Prime flix Quotes 
Prime flix has been launched and designed in interest of Indians residing across globe.  Prime flix has been developed in consideration with the change in preference  in content industry . Audience have now started viewing content more digitally on smart phones than on LCD screens .Prime flix allows its subscribers to watch a wide variety of movies, reality shows, sitcoms, short films, travel shows, food shows and stand up comedy of different genres.
GK Desai , Rajkumar Kanoja , Priyanka Raina with Friends at PRIME FLIX launch
Kiran Borkar & Sushil Deshpande Company Directors –  Prime flix Quotes 
Kiran Borkar would be handling the films & financial part for the company
and have also produced a new Marathi web series ” Bhadkau” for marathi audience specially which is going to get streamed on prime flix OTT platfrom for subscribers
Sushil Deshpande whose the pillar of prime flix aims to build an empire of creative content for Prime Flix & reach out to masses of Indian Audience
by keeping economical packages for subscribes . So that more and more audience can take the opportunity of viewing the content as per there choices.
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Hrithik Roshan is all set to Win Fifth BEST Actor in 2019 with SUPER 30 and WAR !!

By : Priyanka Raina 

Hrithik Roshan who right from his very first movie Kaho Na Pyaar Hai Hit a BANG by Bagging Best Actor and Best Debut Both Categories . Also KNPH Bagged 99 Total Awards comprising of all FILMFARE, ZEE CINE and IIFA awards.

Then in a row Hrithik Roshan Won Three more Best Actors for Koi Mil Gaya in 2003 , Krishh in 2006 , Jodha Akbar in 2008.

And Coming in 2019 , HRITHIK ROSHAN is back  in 2019 where will be winnig the FIFTH Best Actor Award with Two consecutive Hits in a Row – Super 30 and WAR.

Priyanka ‘s FAN moment with Biggest ever Crush since childhood Hrithik Roshan

On this Hrithik replied , “My instincts were very strong and if it would have failed, then I would have been affected. The most important thing for us in creative life is to be able to trust our instincts and if your instincts get reaffirmed and get strengthened, it empowers you a lot. I was fortunate that I had films I was empowered by. I felt so much love and passion for these two films. From now on, I am going to set my benchmark higher. I felt more encouraged after the success. It is an important success for me.”

Well , That’s how we proceed as Being an actor is not an easy job even if it seems so. An actor or actress not only have to polish their acting skills but also have to struggle to find roles which give them a chance to act in diverse roles. On top of all that, their biggest test is to accept the right roles without truly knowing how it will roll out on the big screen and whether audiences will appreciate it or not. All this depends on their instincts.

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War – Totally a Directors cut, which takes you on Crazy Ride with TIGER VS HRITHIK !

Produced By : YRF
Cast : Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor, Ashitosh Rana, Anupriya Goenka
Review By : Priyanka Raina 

Talking about Action Based film , can remember clearly Bhaaghi and Bang Bang which also showcases many locations too. Well writing a story which also showcases locations is pretty harder , as have to study the local life of that particular city. Director Siddharth Anand from his very first film Saalam Namaste has shown how to make your audience fall in love with locations. Now Lets see weather he creates WAR between Tiger Vs Hrithik or….


Well  WAR is a story of Kabir (Hrithik Roshan) who heads and trains the Intelligence Bureau. Here Khaalid (Tiger Shroff) along with four other candidates comes under training session.

What happens next is when KABIR is unstoppable in his killings, then Khaalid comes to chase as he wants to find that “How Kabir turned against us”. And then what happens is a total Entertainer which will take you on craziest Ride ever with TIGER VS HRITHIK.

Cast : Hrithik Roshan no doubt is best, cant compare as watch all Hrithik movies “First Day First Show”. Tiger Shroff comes as a Surprise package who wins everyone s hearts by his innocence and MMA effects in style. Vaan Kapoor looks gorgeous in her small role. Rest of cast Anupriya Goenka, Ashitosh Rana, Kay Kay Menon justfies their roles completely

Direction : War is totally a Directors Cut, The way Siddharth Anand has shown War between TIGER VS HRITHIK, is a roller-coaster ride. And Tiger removes shirt, will leave many whistles in theaters for sure.

Music : Jai Jai Shiv Shankar song between Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan is already topping the charts, Song is best with beats and lyrics too. ALso loves lyrics of GHOONGROO song between vaani Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan.

Review : Just go for War between TIGER vs Hrithik , and am sure you will learn lots of Fighting skills and MMA ….

Rating : Four and Half Stars

WAR  Releases in Cinemas on OCT 2, 2019

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PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS (Review)|Love story should be “Dillagi” and not “COMA”

Directed By : Sunny Deol
Produced By : Vijeyta Films
Cast : Karan Deol, Sahher Bambbha
Review By : Priyanka Raina 

Before we come to Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Let us talk on Sunny Deol ‘s first film DILLAGI which was a sweet film, It lost due to that “COMA” sequence in the end.


Pal Pal DIl Ke Paas is story of KARAN (Karan Deol) who is a guide in Manali and entertains tourists by showing them all outstanding locations of Manali. Sehhar who is a Blogger inquires about Karan s Tourism and comes to Manali to review it. And then outstanding locations of Manali with Trecking, River Rafting and lots more till INTERVAL. Till Interval its a sweet Love story.

Post Interval when Sehhar calls Karan to Delhi that she can only sing if he is there. And Then Actually LOVE TRIANGLE with third person who is Politician s son. Car Racing and “COMA” sequence in the end were total waste and could have been chopped of – To remain a Sweet Love story

Watch Video Review By Priyanka Raina

Review :My Review on film divided in two parts, Before Interwal would like to Give FOUR STARS and After Interwal which was Unlike DILLAGE (Coma Effect) was too dragging for last 15 mins  , so 1 Star . Instead should have cropped that COMA scene, it would be a sweet Love story.

Rating : One Star (Stars goes for last COMA scene , which was same in DILLAGI too)

PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS  Releases in Cinemas on Sept 20, 2019

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I create ‘Locations’ as my ‘Characters’ so audience gets feel of actually being there as one of Characters – Siddharth Anand

By Priyanka Raina

Director who is known for making films based on Travels and which also has a story that revolves around wonderful scenic locations, Siddharth Anand opens up that I treat my Locations as a Character in the film. I try and give my audience experience while sitting in the theater that they see the world. And if they see some locations that they haven’t seen it before, Then indefinitely they ask me that where Did you shoot that scene or song? Then they decide to go there. This is something which I want to carry forward, Not many Directors in India are able to capture or showcase locations like which are a Treat to the eyes.  Showcase your locations well, Treat it as one of your characters, “Give it importance s that is why People question me that I make films on Travels, That is my intent to showcase the world” Siddharth says with Exclamation.

Directors Siddharth Anand , Priyanka Raina 

Inspiration on Dialogues comes from Inder Raj Anand as He had written around 125 films which had powerful dialogues and If I write my dialogues in my film , so take inspiration from my Grand Father ‘s film only. Some of my films I like is Mard, Ek duje ke liye, KAALIA , SAFAR, Sangam and one was very small film YEHI HAI ZINDAGI which was a very small film , but it leaves a impact. It shows how to save money and what a family goes through.

Now Talking on WAR, War actually was a concept that came to me when I had lots of time after Bang Bang. That’s time when I use to travel ,read lots of Books, My mind opened up with the exposure that Book gives you – Which I have never ever done in my life. I was never a reader, but I traveled, picked up books from Airport and I got excited by the Joyner of Spy Thrillers. Hence my idea of Heroes and stars changed by those books because films are One- Dimensional which encouraged me to come up with the story which was different.

Then another thing which comes into the mind is Actors, If Actors are 10 then Filmmakers are 100 and stars are just in numbers which can be counted on fingers. Although then too I wrote a story forgetting if I will get them or not, Keeping Hrithik Roshan in mind as had always a good association with Hrithik . I needed these two Actors which are Two Different CHARACTERS and If Hrithik is on One Hand , Then Tiger Shroff only has to be on Other Hand. As this is all about the pairing and we wont ever get a Better pair considering HRITHIK vs TIGER (Which also became one Catch line)

As story was about Mentor and Protege where He respects his Mentor , Gets inspire by his Mentor. In real life too Tiger is some what, so didn’t  want much to explain to audience about it. Audience has accepted that Hrithik is IDOL for Tiger and HRITHIK vs TIGER – Two Actors who are Dedicated towards their work, Two Actors who can do any sorts of Action – makes easier for a filmmaker to concentrate on his subject then.

“Making film is of coarse tougher , But Handling Two actors is even more tougher. Its  like handling Two wives at the end”


Talking about my Film Releasing on 2nd October itself is a talking point, But that doesn’t makes a difference as previously too My BANG BANG released on 2nd Oct only. That time tagline was “On most peaceful day, Bullets will fly” and now Its “On most peace full day, Its a War“.

WAR releases in Cinemas on 2nd Oct 2019

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Befikre Girl Enters into WAR mode | Vaani Kapoor

By Priyanka Raina

Debuting from Shudh Desi Romance to Being the coolest Befikre Girl landing up on WAR, Vaani Kapoor has huge love for Travel films. And Unlike Siddharth Anand does films on Travel so well weather its Salaam Namaste or Now WAR.

“There’s a certain Graph to the character that I am Portraying , and As WAR is Action based on these Two Super Heroes ( Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan)- There’s a lot of story , Hopefully everybody will discover”  , Vaani Kapoor Kick starts the WAR with Priyanka Raina.

Vaani Kapoor , Priyanka Raina in WAR

Getting WAR is being tough , As you have got through a long system of Auditions and that’s how YRF system is . For every actor you have to Audition for the role . Shanoo Sharma is being supportive and have being guiding to get through my audition round.

Also I love Action in the film, and love watching lots of Action films especially Akshay Kumar and now Tiger Shroff is huge by his MMA effects, and huge Fan of DHOOM mode.

On Dance experience  with Hrithik Roshan , Vaani Kapoor replied on nervous mode “I wish that Could dance as  perfect like him ,  But only best was that GROOVY step we did. On this Hrithik told , “Just Chill Have fun”. Then thought on shoot that I am literally having fun while dance but he is not, Hrithik is actually right. “

Also speaking on her Travels , Vaani tells only film Shamshera is shot entirely in Mumbai only. And Priyanka Raina tells Instinct that Shamshera is first film to be shot in Ladakh. On this Vaani replies but a very tiny part and I told to shoot full film there.

Having work with All the Leading Super heroes unlike Hrithik Roshan , Tiger Shroff , Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani tells that its very tough to define who is best . They are so perfect by their own means . Like Ranbir is sweet , Hrithik is just the best that anyone could dream and Did not have much scenes with Tiger Shroff, But I use to jot down on sets and He is very soft spoken and polite who is just dedicated to his work.

WAR releases in Cinemas on 2nd Oct 2019

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“Mahabharata” Epic tale presented beautifully by Puneet Issar, GARV !

By Priyanka Raina

When we talk about the Epic serial “MAHABHARATA” – What comes in our minds. The serial which created History on Doordarshan, The Serial which brought whole everyone in front of Television, The Serial which emptied out the roads , and lots more….

Epic Serial by BR CHOPRA films , Directed by Ravi Chopra was one of the biggest ever first serial which reached miles.


The MAHABHARATA between Pandavas and Kouravas became a epic tale , and henceforth so many stories like Karan ARJUN , Krishna Arjun came which were Hit lines of movies.

Presenting Mahabharata on Note of DRAYODHANA – KARAN friendship , which was the most important and key note in story. If Karan had not been Abandon by KUNTI, story would have been something else. Every Character of MAHABHARATA is equally important and tells a story which could relate us , Isn’t it?

Still from Play “Mahabharata”

One character of Mahabharata which was important on its terms , That would get smile on face is KRISHNA played by  Nitish Bharadwaj . From Gokul ki Masti to Kans Vadh to creating a new city DWARKA to HASTINAPUR – Every journey tells a Unique story.

KRISHNA – Nitish Bharadwaj and Yashodhan Rana

So here Puneet Issar ( DARYODHANA) brings a wonderful play “MAHABHARATA”  which has some brilliant performances , Masterpiece creation of Sets that wpuld give feel of Grand Mahabharata, Great Dialogues just brings you engrossing and engaging till the end.

Siddhant Issar plays Young Darydhana

Also the Key factor Siddhant Issar who Debuts in Acting as Young Daryodhan has given a Brilliant performance and not only acting , He had also written Dialogues along with  Puneet Issar and Team.

Puneet Issar in “Mahabharata

Every single frame was so engrossing , that it tell a story . Sets were so attractive that I could feel the Vibes of Hastinapur .

Watch Video by Priyanka Raina to know more about play

To see this Unique play  MAHABHARATA , Locate when ‘s next on BOOK MY SHOW in your cities. Dont miss a play which will leave you with many stories , as every character tells a story.

Guests Visit to see”Mahabharata” play are NITISH BHARADWAJ , Rakesh Bedi , Priyanka Raina

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