Documentary Film maker Priyanka Raina Supports for Documentary filmmaker Shabnam Desai !

Documentary Film maker and Member of Film and Television Institute of India , Shabnam Desai supports for Short Films and talks regarding “Importance of short Films for New Talented Young Filmmakers”.

On asked By Ravindra Arora , About on How’s you Personal Life as Filmmakers ‘s Personal life is not as fruitful due to financial conditions And your Films was opening film The Last Adieu  in IFFI Goa festival.

Shabnam Sukhdev Replied , “Yes it is , but I give priority to my family first”

Priyanka raina, Shabanam and Ravindra Arora The Last Adeiu POSTER

Priyanka Raina ‘s ZINDAGI and Clean and Green India were appreciated thoroughly at IFFI Goa 2014

Watch ZINDAGI (Full Movie) Here

TP Agarwal and Priyanka

Short Film ZINDAGI appreciated by Renowned Producer TP AGARWAL

IFFI GOA 2015 Starts on 20th Nov

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