Filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt, Amit Khanna , Critic Bhawana Somaaya Speak on Censorship | Elevate 2015

Filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt,Amit Khanna,Critic Bhawana Somaaya,Actor|Writer Kapil Sharma Speak on Censorship Views on eve of Elevate 2015 which was also celebrated as International Women’s Day.

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Bhawana Somaaya says , “I remember when I was a Part on Censorship during 1999 , That time it was very legal type , and Now a days Its very Political”. On this Mahesh Bhatt Cuts , ” No that time it was too Political” (Laughs). Further Bhawana Somaaya adds , “See this occurs because there’s no unity in Film Industry. Every Bothers only when his film is in trouble and one is concerned that film should be clean”.

Also Kapil Sharma adds, “In the digital era, Censorship is an outdated regressive formality. Recently with the new changes forced by censor authorities, It seems they are taking us back to stone age.”

Also We would like Like to know about your forthcoming release Dunno Y 2 Life is a Moment, How are you seeing the movie on Censor Board ?

On this Kapil Sharma Positively Replies, “Love is Love, It is beyond Gender, Religion, Boundaries or any Race. I wonder how can one Censor Love?”

DunnoY 2 Life a Moment is sequel of Internationally acclaimed Film DunnoY Naa Jaane Kyun , Slated to be Release in Summers. The film is a Indo-Norwegian Collaboration with Indian and Norwegian Actors in Lead. Film Stars Zeenat Aman ,Kapil Sharma ,Yuvraaj Parashar,Tonje Gjewon,Edith Roth Gjewon and other. The film is Written By Kapil Sharma and Directed by Sanjay Sharma (Indian Director) & Tonje Gjewon (Norwegian Director). AlsoLata Mangeshkar has sung the Title Track, and Music is given by Nikhil Kamath

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