Main Aur Mr Right (2014) Review : [ Just Do what you Heart says…… and you will be Happy ]

Directed By : Adeeb Rais
Produced By : Pooja Gujral
Cast : Barun Sobti, Shenaz Treasury, Kavi Shastri, Danny Sura, Maia Sethna

“Main Aur Mr. Right” basically is a story of Aliya (Shenaz Treasury) who believes in perfection in her life. Aliya has successfully everywhere , she is an Casting Director in Mumbai where she takes Auditions and she tells Everyone wants to come to become Shahrukh Khan. Like every girl have dreams , Aliya is in search of her Mr. Right. But she notices often in search how many Mr. wrong we come across.

Aliya had group a friends where they used to meet every friday and their favourite past time would be “Finding Mr. Right for Aliya”. Her friends Include Shaunit who is Painter and son of well based Business tycoon, Bhani who is a Firm Editor, Rahul is Gujarati Businessman but speaks very less, Rahul is married to Sweet girl Niti, Abhay who is very straight forward and has a Girl friend Rhea Khanna.

They search Rishabh (Eijaz Khan) for Aliya as Mr Right who is coming from London and request her to meet him. She says no after meeting Rishabh and is fed up of they being forcing her. So she shortlists a Model Sukhi (Barun Sobti) after seeing her photograph, but when she calls him she sees that how much difference is in Photograph and real where he cant even speak also. So She grooms up Sukhi to Redhant from UK, and tells this is audition for Upcoming flick “Kabhi Kabhi Love mein” where he has play her Boyfriend, So Redhant is introduced through FACEBOOK Profile. Now Sukhi is a Huge Salman Khan Fan

Now Aliya introduces Redhant as her Mr. Right to her friends, and how they life changes. The Film will reveal Relationships that today young generation is facing and how often and easily they come to break up.

Well really like Barun Sobti with his killing looks and I think Girls are going to go crazy after him and Yes he is a good Punjabi Actor. Shehnaz is good , but at time feel she was copying KAJOL is acting. Besides you can see shades of :Yaar Bina chain kahan re” by one and only Bappi Da, which will bring you on dance floors. Then there are suprise packages by Veteran Actor Mackrand Deshpandey in a very protagonist Role

Review : Can give Three to film – One for the Entertainment that its well carried , One to this Young television Actor Barun Sobti whose performance I Really liked and One Star to the Music of coarse. and its gives a Beautiful message “Perfection is nothing. Just do wat ur heart say”

Rating : ★★★ Stars to the Film

Watch Main Aur Mr. Right | Trailer Here :

Main Aur Miss right Releases on 12th Dec 2014

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