MSG : Messenger of God (2014) Review | [Dhan Dhan Satguru , Tera hi Aasra]

Directed By :  Jeetu Arora, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Produced By : Ravi Verma

Review By : Priyanka Raina

When ever a movie is telecasted on Religious issue like OMG-Oh My God which had shown the real phase of of these BABA’s , so movie had to deal with religious issues regarding testing against God. Now lets see when Baba’s had only made a film on such sensitive subject , weather it gets a clean release or have to go under the same conflict?
MSG : Messenger of God” is a Story of Baba (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan) who act like God in people ‘s heart by their magical things and win their hearts. While he was having his followers multiplying , so its obvious the Devil Side (Jet Bhai) was his enemy and he wanted to kill Baba & accordingly he hired Mike (Daniel Kaleb) .
Baba , most oftenly called as “Pitaji” by his followers has preached different issues in movie like Global Warming where he taught everyone to plat trees. Then Blood Donation camps, so that they can supply Blood to soldiers who are fighting on Borders. Thirdly , Fasting for for one day and collecting food so that the needy gets it & Food in Gunny Bags were exported. Also , He introduced Ruhani Jam which means after drinking Ruhani jam People will leave alcohol.
Baba then introduced GULSTICK game , most commonly called as Gulli Danda in larc=ge numbers as the national game. Then came the mission of Clean and GreeN India where Baba himself cleaned the roads with his followers in large numbers. Then He introduced a Canal in village , where due to insufficient water people were dying.
Also the movie has a sensitive side , where Baba tells his follwers that a man who marries a Prostitute is doing a good thing , so Baba goes to brothel and bring all girls into his Ashram and gets them married. This is story of girl called Kasam whom he gets married to a Boy of her choice.
Intermission point will be be an shocking point as its shown by DON that one Girl is there to kill Baba , but which one she is out of three Girls – Muskan (Fllora Saini), Kasam (Jayshree Soni) or Alice (Olexandra Semen).
Muskan was a girl who was badly injured on river side , and Baba brought her to hospital and cured her. Alice came from Australia to make a documentary on Baba and Kasam was an Prostitute . All three were under Baba’s Ashram & who is the killer among three , Well for that , You have to wait and watch the film !
Review : The movie is based on Golden words “Dhan Dhan Sat Guru Tera hi Aasra” which after every mission was said in large numbers by his numbers. Also, movie had Car break down which I think can be competition to Rohit Shetty. Well , Actually if noted The movie will show the Real phase of these Baba’s
Rating : ★★★ Stars  ‘
 Watch MSG : Messenger of God Trailer 

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