Tamasha (2015) Review

downloadWhen ever a Movie is based on Novel, a Beautiful piece of art , Its obvious that characters would define Epics of Stone age.

Tamasha , Directed By Imitiaz Ali is an Beautiful art of creation that shows by the form of story which (Ranbir) is creating in his own world. The Stories he used to listen of Ramayana by his Guru when he was young, Devloped into the Corrosion(Paris) where he grew up and meets his fantasy (Deepika), and Rest is the story poured with  Friendship, Love and Betrayal.  And above all Movie based on Theatrical Performance.

“Tamasha is Definately watchout for Hearthrob Ranbir Kapoor, for seeing him in completely different Avtar”


Tamasha Releases on 27th Nov 2015 all over !

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