Hate Story 3 (2015) | (The Last Word)

Directed By : Vishal Panda

Produced By : TSeries

Hate Story 3 Poster

When we see movie on Jealousy, Hatred , Its obvious that the reason has to be Money that who will get Stardom. Some of the most lovely stories like HUMRAAZ featuring Sunil Dutt  is a example of this. Now lets see HATE STORY 3, how it fares in attracting its audience.

Hate Story 3 is a Story of two Brothers Vikram (Priyanshu) & Aditya (Sharman Joshi) who fall for the same girl Siya (Zarine Khan). On Aditya getting stardom, Siya betrays Aditaya and goes to Vikram. Now Fight between Two Brothers. Well that’s the Rest of Story of Hatred over Love.

Songs of Hate Story 3  which are already on Chart-busters are decent to attract its target audience,  Guess Stories like this are getting appreciated which will force to make Film-maker to show more Revealing.

 Rating : Its Watch-able for its targeted Audience , But not a Family movie

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