The Silent Heroes (2015) – Review | ” Now words to speak , No sound to hear , Just a dream to fulfill”

Written and Directed By : Mahesh Bhatt
Produced By : Kamal Birani & Mahesh Bhatt
Banner : Hans Production & Reality Films
Cast :  Maanuv Bharadwaj  as Kapil Malhotra) ,Priyanka Panchal as Gauri Singh,  Mann Bagga as Dipankar, Simran Deep  as Hima,  Nirmal Kumar Pant  as Colonel Thapa
Review By: Priyanka Raina


When ever a Film is based on Educational on several issues like Unemployment , Corruption, Its obvious for the Betterment and always Supported by NGO, Now  on such a Sensitive Topic, Weather Deaf and Dumb students be able to do Rock Climbing, River Rafting. Will they be alble to reach Expectation ?

Yes Based on a Sensitive issue is our Story “The Silent Heroes” – Located on Exotic locations of Uttarakhand, A School for Daf and Dumb Students where they being taught Mountaineering Course.

Some scenes are rather emotional , when Deaf and Dumb kids are left alone on Hike and how they bravely fight their battle.

Also, Film “The Silent Heroes” gives a Message that never think anyone week. Always support the the weeker students and encourage instead of criticising.

THE SILENT HEROES has been screened at various film festivals and received excellent audience response ,Kolkata International children’s film fest , Dehradun international film fest and Prayag international film fest, to name a few.

This film is directed by Mr Mahesh Bhatt ( debut feature film ), who has been working with various national & international television channels on socially relevant stories and adventure stories for more than 2 decades .

The Silent Heroes Stills

Review : (Ratings Does not include on Commercialism, as This is not Commercial Movie. The Silent Heroes is judged as Educational Movie )

Rating : ★★★ Stars

Listen More From Maanuv Bharadwaj (Lead Actor) about Experience with Deaf and Dumb Students

The Silent Hero Releases on 11th dec 2015 !

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