Dolly Thakore for the premiere of DunnoY2 Life Is A Moment that signifies the human rights movement towards same sex marriage.jpg
Dolly Thakore

Veteran theatre actor, Dolly Thakore is making a rare appearance in Kapil Kaustubh Sharma’s web series Love, Life & Screw Ups!!! Thakore has been casting director of Oscar winning Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi, Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Dooms and various popular American and European films. Some of her popular plays are Tennessee Williams’ Streetcar Named Desire, Arthur Millers’s All My Sons, Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party and Vagina Monologue. She played a socialite in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Page 3.
“In Love, Life & Screw Ups!!! She has a strong character of a high society human activist. It is an honour to work with a strong and classy performer like her” says writer and director Kapil Sharma.
Incidentally, this series also marks Zeenat Aman debut on digital. She is playing a super glam spinster, Joanna, who is full of life and fun. Since last three months, Zeenat has been on a strict diet and rigorously working out to get in right shape for the super glam Joanna. Though Zeenat was unsure about going digital but was hooked when she heard the concept, even remarking that “this could have been a movie!” It also stars the award winning actress Mita Vashisht. It is a youth based fun filled comedy series. The look of the show will be grand and glossy. They will commence shooting in a start-to-finish schedule in a few weeks. The show will be aired with English subtitles keeping the global audience in mind.
It is also debut of Kapil Kaustubh Sharma, actor and writer of 11 international award winner film Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyun in direction. It will also star eight youngsters. Will Kapil be one of them? “There is a character for me but we are still exploring that opportunity,” he laughs.

Kapil Kaustubh Sharma
Kapil Kaustubh Sharma (Debutant Director in Love Life Screw Ups)

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