Teraa Suroor (2016) Review |Suroor of Love against Hatred

Directed By: Shawn Araha
Produced By : Sonia Kapoor & Vipin Reshammiya
Cast : Himesh Reshammiya, Shekhar kapoor, Kabir Bedi, Shernaaz Patel, Farah Karimi
Creative Producer : Rakesh Upadhaya
Review By : Priyanka Raina

TERAA Suroor Poster

Anything is fair in Love and War , Love has no Conditions – Very true said by whom so ever had written this. We have seen earlier Movies like Gumraah featuring Sridevi is a example where she gets in hold of Drugs and how  He fights for her and she realizes true love which proved to be a Winner. Now lets see Teraa Suroor will win Audience Suroor or not ?

Teraa Surror reveals on Facebook chatting between Anirudh and Tara (Farah Karimi) , where he does friendship with her and on her Breakup with her Boyfriend Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya ) , Anirudh takes advantage and calls her to Dublin for Dance performance. She gets caught with Drugs bag on her way from Airport, and when sees Anirudh Facebook Profile, its already being deleted.

The Story Revolves into different phases from here, Raghu comes to save her & not of coarse in 1990 style that he will go to jail, face torture and then escape. From Here, its a total different move with some of great people who come into Raghu ‘s life like Robin ‘Bird’ Dharamraj Santino(Naseeruddin Shah) , Judge ‘s Husband Rajeev Kaul (Shekhar Kapoor) , Lawyer  Elle Jordan (Monica Dogra).

Will Raghu be able to get his Love? Will Elle Jordan win case and save Tara ? And Mystery of Anirudh well maintained throughout the film leaving into Conspiracy. Interval is the Best part with great punchline and Second half will see lots of Twist and turns. Shehnaaz patel is good in her small role of Himesh ‘s Mom.

Music : Music of Tera Suroor by Music king Himesh Reshammiya needs no wordswho has top charts earlier with Prem ratan Dhan Paayo  and now too is key point with great songs like Bewafa, Bekhudi, and also the title track of-coarse Tera Suroor.

Direction : Director Shawn Araha has maintained the suspense throughout, keeping in mind the Commercialism of film in a short span time of 104 Minutes. The film also adds tribut to earlier songs of Ishq Samundar, some of Anil Kapoor Dialogues. Also , Shawn has maintained a well impact Love Story though out between Himesh and Tara.

Review : Dialugues are key point with some of very good script like “Translation Declined”, Pagal Pagal khelte hain” and lots more.Music of the film is catchy with good score. Brilliant performances by all Actors, and Well written script by Director Shawn, So give Four stars to film.

Rating : ★★ ★ ★ Stars

Watch TERAA SUROOR Trailer here

TERAa SUROOR Releases on 11th March 2016 in 1100 Cinemas all Over !

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