Celebrate 50 Golden years of USHA KHANNA on 4th June 2016 !

Usha Khanna & Priyanka Raina

Talking to a Legend who has started her Singing right at Age of 17 years with Super-hit Dil Deke Dekho *ing Shammi Kapoor and Started her Versatile Journey. Yes its Singer Turned Music Director Usha Khanna , Sister of Lata Mangeshkar.


Also She revealed her journey that as she was Singer, so she used to write her songs and Record and then make  Directors listen. Once a Director was busy and she told lets Drive a little, and Played song composed by her “Zindagi Pyaar ke geet hai”. After listening he told, if would hace got down would missed a lot. Its Amazing song.

Q:  Who is your Favourite Actor ?

Usha: My Favourite Actor is Rajesh Khanna

Q: Who is your Favourite Actress ?

Usha : My Favourite Actress whom she would love to sing for is Nargis Dutt.

Q:  Any Singer you have not worked with?

Usha : I have worked with almost everyone and introduced many new comers like Sonu Nigam. Infact Sonu ji always calls on Jan 1 and wishes “Happy New year”Singers have not worked with Shailendra ji and would desire to work with him.

Q : Awards or Rewards

Usha : I did not get any Awards , except once Sautan was Nominated but gave all Superhit Songs. I guess this is my Biggest  Awards that Today also everyone sings my Songs.  have got Rewards, Love of My Fans and that’s biggest Award for any Actor.

Q: Music to me is….

Usha : I Belive that Sangeet is Worhip which God grants to his sweetest Souls. Kala Hi Ishwar Hai , Its that to be a Good Singer – You have to be a Good Human

Q: Any Upcoming releases ?

Usha : Yaa I have recorded songs for my upcoming movie SAUTAN 2 , Directed by Saawan Kumar Tak

Q: Your Glorious 50 years of Singing , means a lot !Any thing would like to give message to you Fans ?

Usha : I belive to be a Good Singer , Believe in yourself and be a good Human. Be part of our Celebrations on 4th June “Celebrate 50 Golden Years of USHA KHANNA”

Priyanka : Well It was Lovely talking to you and Mam can you Sing two of my Favourite Songs ” Dil Deke Dekho” and  Sindagi Pyaar ke geet hai”

Usha : Sure and Here ‘s Song for you

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