“Live up your Fantasies to the fullest” – Priyanka Raina

Live in the world as today is the last day , Live up your Fantasies to the fullest. Always Do what your heart says and Believe me you will live up to every single moment of life.

Priyanka Raina ( Film Director | Critic)

In childhood or in school , My ambition was stick to Computer Engineer. If someone would ask , would tell “Want to be Computer Engineer” . Never dreams of that am going to Discover Bollywood as was quite shy (Those who know me apart Childhood). Then what made me land in my Bollywood , check it out !

DSC07068But earlier 90s films apart Hum apke hain kaun, Andaaz Apna Apna, Judwaa used to watch, and there was something start liking about. Then every friday during school too used to watch First day first show. Coming to 2000s era “Kaho Na Pyaar hai” listening to music , used to dance on Bits listening on Music. Something apart I used to love within from heart.

Amazing family Journey of Bombay to Jammu by road , where discovered lots of place within in Tenth vacations. Also Nepal sight seeing came way with beautiful Pokhra, Kathmandu.

Also then in school guess , DILLAGI  shoot which happened in my Brother’s school – Which saw for full one week. There met for the first time Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol , Urmila and Enjoyed. As shots were going on, started imaging my self within it.

It Was not easy , Being an Mumbaikar was uncommon to talk about films in schools which is the city of Dreams , when used to narrate every film at Home that used to watch , Actually somewhere my passion was arriving.

Dharmesh darshan 1Then starting watch more films back from 90s , 70s , 80s and started discovering Cinema from Manoj Kumar , Dharmendra , Jeetendra films and use to love watching cinema. Sometime use to watch Three movies at a stretch. Raja Hindustani and Hum Hain rahi pyaar ke and many more.

My Love for Bollywood by then has started building , but not that have to enter. Only happened in College when use to walk and felt the felling as of Ramp. But was not knowing so first Convinced at home “Want to join Acting classes” . On this My parents told, “Your college and Acting , how you will manage time” I told , “Dont worry , will manage”.

And The Journey of Acting started from Ashok Kumar Academy with Preety Ganguly. There discovered a lot about myself with exercises like improviastion, Diction, Dance and many more. Was given Two songs to in-act “Chaand Chupa Badal mein” and “JOSH”song.

Priyanka Raina’s First event AURA ARTS

Also had amazing time in Class with guest celebrities like Khalid Mohammed sir and Uday Chopra – Who were invited by Preety Ganguly.

Slowly use to skip college and Acting class was full time. Then quietly gave auditions at Balaji Telefilms , and only happen when everyone saw me in “Kyunki saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi” and was a surprise for everyone “Priyanka interested in acting”. And Kyunki became college fame.

Since child , I have habit of writing dairies – be it poems or daily on what you experience. when I look up my cupboard now , will find my all dairies in which my Memories of Childhood is captured. Then serials were on rocks during college. But as college got over, then thought  “Dont want to do small roles in serials” as then plan was of Bollywood. So joined Theaters (EKJUTE)

There a different journey of life started with some good friends whom I made Richa Chaddha , Sushant Singh Rajput. After theaters , got one movie “Raghuveera” (not released till now) and went outdoor. There Discovered that am more comfortable behind the scenes, So Direction came along.

Then when I came , Joined Animation which showed up to Editing class and followed by Direction. And the history continued when made a short film that will show Pre Independnce Era to till India got its Independence in form of “Azaad Bharat” in 2010

Also My very short film Azaad Bharat , I screened at my School AUXILIUM CONVENT , Wadala on Teachers Day 2010. On this Teachers told, “Priyanka , This is the Biggest gift we go and keep making films. It can be inspiration that such a silent child can make lovely films in future”

Apart after that then went to my First Goa film Festival in year IFFI 2010 where Honour killings promotion was also included. There too shot a short film with Director Suresh Sharma as Actor  . And on last day of shoot , got a call from Ajay DevgnPriyanka , you have won contest of Once upon a time in Mumbai and see you tom at Sun N Sand.” On this told ” I am in Goa , But don’t worry will be there tom”

So Journey of Bombay to Goa by Volvo where surprisingly met old friends ,and Journey filled with old talks. Talks included obviously my First Love -Bollywood

Reached SUN N SAND and surprised to see Ajay Devgn was waiting for me with other contest winners as was late. And then my First Pic was uploaded by AD on Facebook

Ajay Devgn with Contest Winners – Once upon a Time in Mumbai

Also wrote article on “History of Indian Cinema” where invented Birth of Indian cinema, First short film “Birth of Pea plant” and lots more.

Then ANNA HAZARE era came , started attending events . Went to Anna Hazare to RALLEY GOAN in pune, and saw how clean it was. Then use to tell  “please throw garbage in  Dustbins” . At a moment thought, that am not politician. I am a Filmmaker , will say though my films,and Hence made my First Censored Short film “Clean and Green India”

Now short films were not only a part , apart it was lot more to come for Priyanka.

Priyanka Raina (YRF Studios) Dhobighaat

Now , there was something interesting coming after this – Guessed. Only happened when surprisingly got a call from Complete Cinema as there were no journalist to review movie, so told me and me was hanging around in favorite place JUHU . And was told to go to Juhu PVR to review DHOBIGHAAT.

Chill , journey not over and as was Priyanka’s first Press show so had to be special. Reached Juhu PVR and there met some friends from Ajay Devgn circle , so got busy chatting with them. When PR told , show is full as was late but don’t worry, will arrange another show for you. I was not bothered also, left from there and as soon as reached down , Got a Call “Priyanka , Show has been arranged and at YRF Studios in half hour”

So That was the mesmerizing first Journey of Priyanka Raina ‘s Press show of Dhobighaat at YRF studios .

And from then Dream journey of Press shows , Interviews, Media parties for Priyanka Started. Here Discovered My love for Bollywood by meeting all my Fantasies Dharmendra, Manoj Kumar  , Karan Johar , Ekta Kapoor and many many more

Here journey isn’t stopped , when IFTDA told me to stand in elections as Director. Didnt got much votes , But got my First film as Assistant Director “Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai” Directed By Aanand Balraj featuring Veena Malik, Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor and many more. And History of films started.

And from then mission of short films started and During shoot of Daal mein Kuch kaala hai with free time , Made another short film DUM shot completely in Juhu

As from then , got passionate to make films. Met lots of actors during Daal Mein Kaala Hai , Media events and By Date everyone was Buddy. Only Happened when checked in to next stop at Anil Sharma – Got closer to family and Made another short film with Kapil Sharma (His younger brother) titled Zindagi.

Zindagi was screened in lots of Films festivals like Nashik Film Festival, Reels Film Fest , IFFI and many more.

Zindagi featured Hum apke hain kaun Actress Sahila Chaddha , Preety Malik in Pivotal roles. The story is written by Kapil Sharma and produced by Kirdaar Ali in year 2014. Released movie on my Dad’s Birthday 5th May 2014

Then journey of socializing happened with parties almost every day. Ficci frames , IFFI , MAMI,   Rajathan film Festival were just a part.

Then took a Break on Location Hunt with family and explored Some parts of Europe including Zurich, France, Zermatt, Geneva , Dubai and many more.

Now apart Bollywood , got offer from Telugu industry to play a comedy character in south film and shoot is in Bangalore. And Journey to Bangalore where experienced altogether a different set. Everyone so punctual and Actors too eating in same pace where techinicians in Lunch hall .

Then movies were just not apart, made a series of Three Short Films in year 2016 with Cold Drinks is injurious to health, Wrong Number , Main Heroine Banna Chahti hoon – And Priyanka Raina’s  first party in Media followed by cake cutting on 4th July 2016.

Then my Exclusive video interview with Sujoy Mukerji’s on Monjoy Mukerji‘s Debut movie Hai apna dil to awara happened , and such a lovely movie with amazing songs and guess – Movie shot in Kashmir

Now later in 2016 , when met again Monjoy Mukerji at IFFIGoa 2016 , journey of ideas started. I Gave a brief idea on what happens when two girls fall for same boy , or One boy is cheating upon Two girls. And hence concept developed of LOVE LUST LOCHA – Released on Feb 14, 2017.

Henceforth my Dreams and desires still continuing and eventually got my final destination that I would by a Director. Now a days , I act, Anchor , Write Blogs , Critics about movies reviews – But Unlike Karan Johar same here “I am a Director First and would love to be it and make many many movies on board and rest all are hobbies.”

“So Friends , finally got my Destination that I would be a Director as peruse now towards my DEBUT direction after 15 short films  . First you have to love your self on Discover yourself what you are and Do what your heart says and Rest will be Destiny” – Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina (IIFA ) , My Dream My Destination

And not only Short films, there are more then 300 videos on Omniscent Entertainment channel which contains interviews of all Bollywood buddies

Chk out Priyanka Raina Filmography : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5111529/

Priyanka Raina ‘s Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priyanka_Raina

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