Know HITS & MISSES Boxoffice Verdicts of 2017 | Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina (Director | Critic)

         BOX OFFICE

Is it too Hard to remember , But let me make it simple . Biggest Flop of 2017 and here there will be many on list. First Dec will be guess one of them to deliver Five Disasters at stretch like Tera intezaar , Firangi , Julie and two more (don’t remember names).

Also in past a few Akshay Kumar s Toilet and Hrithik Roshan s Kaabil , don’t know if any had worked. Ayushmaan Khuraana had come with surprise package of hits with Barelli and Shubh Mangal. Varun Dhawan comes another actor with amazing response for Judwaa. Unlike Secret Superstar which indeed had a brilliant message worked well , But as it was a musical film and its songs were hardly on chart-busters.

In actress except Bhumi Pednekar,  Don’t know if anyone has fared enough well at Box office if we talking of content driven cinema. Also One of the iconic Films JAGGA JASOOS too fared average at Box Office.

When movies by Brilliant Directors Aditya Chopra like Befikre swipes off on day 1 itself, this means something fishy is going around. Also YRF production movies like Bank Chor, Meri Pyaari Bindu swiped completely . Are YRF s Casting and script writers not potential enough to choose the right story. Or they don’t want to ?

Balaji Telefilms plays safe by making a low budget Film like Lipstick under my Burkha , which crossed over 20 Cr . But that didn’t ruin the market anyways. It was only the profit that Balaji shared.

Dharma Production has patched up with the Brand Bahubali which has reached skies , so is balancing with other flops like Ok jaanu coming way. Also Badrnath ki Dulhaniya captured well to be a Huge Hit , and we can’t forget Abhay Chopra’s Itefaaq which was Hit by ITEFAAQ , kidding.

What’s the reason behind films flopping in a row ?

Are cooperates not getting good scripts or Directors, Are they tired of same old director who have nothing new to deliver ?

The reason behind this is  that Good Director doesn’t know to pitch through cooperates as there’s lots of tantrums. And the where’s there’s not good script , they know how to carry off with cooperate. And ultimate reason is that Films flop miserably.

Also second reason ,makers think cast Sunny Leone , Show exposure and we will get audience in theaters. Just tell me how many Leone movies have even crossed the border line. All Sunny Leone movies are biggest disasters. Item song of Leone in Bhoomi was the major dray back of film flopping , as Bhoomi was having a lovely message oriented story. And talking about exposure in  Julie 2 wouldn’t be the biggest disaster to have flop miserably.

Firstly Why do we cast Sunny leone , when there are Good theater actors in market. This message filmmakers want to deliver to audience that “who ever is doing theaters is mad , Do Sunny leone type of things and we will cast you “

Out Audience knows the taste and will not waste Rs 400 on any such crap.

Also apart from Hindi Cinema , there s marathi Cinema unlike Chumbak , Deva which is coming with great content made in limited budget and earn huge profits. and Vetern Filmmakers like Vikram Bhatt coming to web series and doing extremely well.

“So my  appeal to cooperate company , if you want to save Industry , try young talent who have fresh scripts with messages. Believe in theater actors instead of porn stars. Learn to respect Cinema” – Priyanka Raina

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