Meet the New Interior Designer on Block; Tanisha Bansal with #Priyanka!!


Was fabulous to have conversation with young enterprising Tanisha Bansal who made home designed in a spam of four months. Flat located in the middle of Bandra.

Was thrilled on seeing some of her designs ; especially which seen in Dubai look – The windows where you can get a clean view of the city. Balcony made like heaven where can sit with a cup of coffee.

Also the Dinning room and living room with three sofa set ; on side with decorative s items where can also share your trophies or Awards.

Also there s lots more if you want wanna design your home into a luxurious ones , then here’s the right option for you , Log on to her website

Well that  were designs by Tanisha Bansal ; How you like designs – Do drop us in comments .

Priyanka Raina  , Tanisha Bansal

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