Kedarnath (Review) |LOVE WINS OVER HATREDNESS as Humanity is above of all religions

Directed By : Abhishek Kapoor

Produced by : RSVP movies

Cast: Sushant Singh Rajput ; Nitish Bharadwaj Sarah Ali Khan .

Review By : Priyanka Raina

PR s verdict on Kedarnath Movie

As we say ; Some Love stories just dont happen. They are bound to create history. On such topic ; is the lovely journey of KEDARNATH where Yatri come with love abd no space to share hatredness.

This is our movie Kedarnath released today; which reveals over MANSOOR KHAN (Sushant Singh Rajput) who takes yatri s to the top of the temple on his horse. Everything was perfect till on the eve of Indo Pak Day Mansoor eyes saw MUKU (Sara Ali Khan) who was the daughter of Pandits (Nitish Bharadwaj) .

Muku insisted Mansoor to drop her till his shop which was down stairs on atleast 10 kms. When Mansoor started ignored Muku ; on getting pressure from Muku s family as told she was engaged – Muku decided to get him at any cost.

On the other hand; Muku s dad forcefully gets her married to pandit. And When Muku cuts her hand; Her Fiancy decided to eradicate muslims from the Kedarnath. This all is happening im heavy rains which raining sunce dayz. While Mansoor is leaving home; suddenly Cyclone arises as expected from Metrological departments. And destroyed the evilness of Hatredness till the Love Birds met.

Here we go; is the lovely journey of KEDARNATH followed by a message Love wins over Hatredness .And my super favourite song LAG JA GALE ….. which is played in rains unlike Badal yoon garajte hain….

 Characters: Sara Ali khan is good as newbie and looks as total mini Amrita singh (The Betaab one) . Sushant is best and outstanding ; Rarely like him inspite a few movies like Dhoni. Nitish Bharadwaj plays an important aspect as pandit and is main victim to spread Religous war.

Direction: Just one word to define ; Lovely Kedarnath journey by Abhishek GATTU Kapoor. Locations were lovely to redefine creativity.

Music: Musik by Hitesk Sonik is just awesome. Shankara song and Sweetheart will make you go crazy over the moon.

Review By PR : Kedarnath is must watch film and gives a beautiful message on Humanity “Love wins over Hatredness” . Stop killing each other in name of religion when God made us one .

Rating: Could be unfair; to rate such a wonderful movie with a message on why the cyclone happened. Can give Three stars to story which kept engrossed till the end: One star to Direction by Gattu (Insta handle) and one star to Locations.

So lets count; Its FIVE STARS….so whats the wait for ; Go for Kedarnath and remove the evil of Hatredness from you.

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