Esha Deol’s Cakewalk is not just a Short Film, But becomes Ist one to open platform on Rishtey Cineplex !

By Priyanka Raina 

Esha Deol  – The Original Dhoom girl got married to her Childhood friend Bharat Takhtani which is truly a Cakewalk journey for her to cherish upon. Chill ! Cakewalk is is not only her comeback short film But also opens a platform for Short film makers to Release on Rishtey Cineplex , Directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee .

Presenting “Dreamgirl” Esha Deol on Cakewalk with Ram Kamal Mukherjee and Priyanka Raina

“Firstly , Esha Deol s favourite films of all times is Na Tum Jaano Hum which is my favorite too ”  Priyanka Raina adds.

Now Coming to Esha Deol ‘s Experience on working with Debutant Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee , She adds “Ram is a wonderful person who comes out with his full homework. They didnt make me feel at all that it was set, Felt just like a Home”

Also Esha Deol ‘s message to the youth on Short Films, “Life is truly a Cakewalk , and its wonderful that Colors CEO Raj Nayak is coming with special edition for Short films makers with some thing like this – Where even 20 Min Short film gets a Bigger platform”

Watch Full Interview on Priyanka Raina Official page

Also message to youth , When you have the World s Biggest platform You Tube to proove yourselves, Why leave your homes and come to Mumbai. Just Write a story and Shoot and Get ready to feature yourselves.

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