Cakewalk (Review) |This Cake is utterly Delicous

Directed By : Ram Kamal Mukherjee

Produced By : Aritra Das ; Shailendra Kumar

Cast : Esha Deol ; Tarun Malhotra; Anandita Bose

Review By : Priyanka Raina

Gorgeous Esha Deol in Cakewalk short film

There may be various Short films which reflect relationships ; Breakups and affairs online on social platforms ; But what matters is the presentation. Love Stories of feature films are same but Presentation is unique. So in  a unique way ; We will talk on how Delicous is our Cakewalk.

Cakewalk is a 23 minute Short film which is based on life of Shilpa Sen (Esha Deol) who wants to achieve something in life rather in being just a housewife. Well Shilpa Sen is a MasterChef in reknown hotel Novotal; Life changes when the owner of jet Airways (Tarun Malhotra) with his wife arrives at hotel and They are told bake a cake. Best ones will be selected with a incentives. Now what happens next is the delicous yummy Cake which can be tasted (seen) on VOOT now.

Acting : Esha Deol is looking gracious and I wont say it as comeback because “Where had Esha gone”  . It was just she was enjoying her personal family life. And its guranteed When ever Esha Deol comes – DHOOM is guranteed.

Direction: Direction by Debutant Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee will take your Hearts. Cakewalk is just perfect; introduced with lots of brands in short film and last shot which portrays the Beauty of KOLKATA city  is just breathe taking.

Cinematography: Shots have been taken brilliantly with lightings reflecting on face which looked emphasing.

Review : One word would be that This Cake is utterly Delicous and can be tasted again and again on VOOT.

Rating : **** Stars

Cakewalk short film was initially screened on Rishtey Cineplex and is now available on VOOT.

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