TI and TI (Marathi Review) | Hilarious “Priyanka” Effect

Directed By : Mrinal Kulkarni

Produced By: Anand Pandit Motion Pictures, Pushkar Jog and Mohan Nadar

Cast : Prarthna Behre, Sonalee Kulkarni , Pushkar Jog, Virajas Kulkarni, Ishan Khopekar

Review By : Priyanka Raina 

TI and TI screening 

Have seen some amazing Marathi movies unlike Chumbak, Poster Boys, and many more over the years. Must say that Marathi Cinema is really coming up with great content. Being Born and brought up in Mumbai, Feels blessed that I know Marathi language and Hence could see Real creative cinema which defines truly entertainment. Lets see hows Our Today’s film is TI and TI produced by Total Dhamaal Producer Anand Pandit fares.

Anand Pandit , Priyanka Raina

Well to begin with TI and TI is a story of Anny Pandit (Pushkar Jog) who is great fan of Hindi Cinema especially the romantic cult of 90s. He has written all romantic moments with HASH TAGS and totally believes in Love at first sight. So he fell in Love in school with a ten year old girl named Priyanka (Although it was one sided) and as after that Priyanka left school.

Now as grown ups, Anne is forced to do arrange marriage and come out of his fantasies, So family selects girl on Kundly matching with 96 %.  On their Honeymoon trip in London, Guess ANNE meets his First Love Priyanka But now he is married. Also Priyanka effect totally on him, Now what he does s total 2 Hours Hilarious comedy in name of #Priyanka.

Review : TI and Ti , must say a well execution by Mrinal Kulkarni by Hash Tags #Dhamaal

Rating : 3.5 Stars

Watch TI and TI trailer here

TI and TI releases on 8th March 2019 in cinemas near you

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