BHARAT (Review) By Priyanka| Salman Khan |Celebrate Being Indian

Directed By :Ali Abbas Zafar
Cast : Jackie Shroff , Salman Khan , Katrina Kaif , Disha Patani
Banners : SKF Films
Review by :Priyanka Raina


Bharat is  Journey of Bharat (Salman Khan) who name kept by his Father (Jackie Shroff) on his beloved Country. He believes that by keeping any surname , Name value would be less and BHARAT itself means a lot. The Journey starts from 1947 Partition where People were running in their respective countries, and so Bharat ‘s sister fell down and in result His Dad (Jackie Shroff)  got down to bring her by giving responsibilities on BHARAT ‘s shoulders.

BHARAT starts right from Child (1960s) where he met friend who is from pakistan but doesn’t want to go there saying “This is my Nation too” , so keeps his name VILAYATI. And then Robs blanket to sell, and later change his mind that will not sell ROBBERY item and so get hits by Robbers. On this His Mother make him understand that “Dont Blame yourselves what happened in partition, That was a bad incident. Think about your Present”

And From Here Bharat starts selling newspaper where he meets RADHA (Disha Patani) who does Road shows which becomes on Time leap a ROYAL CIRCUS into 70s and Vilayati had been famous coming out from EGG, which was liked by actor sitting nd later used in his movies “Anthony Gonsalves”. But due to on accident of his friend , BHARAT leaves circus and starts hunt on new job.. That time Petroleum was found in MAHTA and so they wanted employees and there BHARAT met KUSUM (Katrina Kaif) who was in-charge.

Then there various slots like They working in MAHTA in Oil refineries and how they were treated differently but sorts differences to MERCHANT NAVY where saving ship from culprits by making them emotional and dancing over Amitabh Bachchan songs as south African were huge fans to Last part WEDDING SEQUENCE , Just go to BHARAT.

Direction : From Tiger to Tiger Zinda hai , Ali Abbas Zafar takes a wider loop in the form of Bharat to say lovely messages at different times especially the MERCHANT NAVY thing when Sea Tribes have ruled them – Following a message that when you can win by Love and Hindi songs , then why fight?

Music : Songs are amazing , Tolpping charts weather it is Slow Motion or Chasni or TURPEYA which tells that Indians who come abroad to earn become more closer to their nation.

Acting : Salman Khan no doubt is Brilliant, and  BONAZA for all Salman Khan fans, Katrina Kaif is looking sweet, Jackie Shroff and Disha Patani and good in espective cameos. Tabu is always cool in her very tiny role

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The Last Word: DAD are HEROES and MOM are SuperHeroes is the biggest ever message given , That how they grow us by Values and inspirations of Love.

Rating : Five Stars 

Celebrate BHARAT from June 5th in Cinemas near you , Jai Hind !!

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