Celebrating 18 years of LAGAAN & GADAR | Sharing a small Trivia on LAGAAN

By Priyanka Raina

Once in my Interview I asked Aamir Khan Sir, “I have seen the entire making of Lagaan and totally salute you after that,  the way you treated actors in a total lavish form by creating a MAHAL in the form village.

On this Aamir Khan replied , “Thank you  and I believe set is like our family members and everyone should be happy. Only then we can deliver a good story. And I dont what you have seen in making but….. (Cuts) ”

“Initially You have rejected Lagaan” , I instinct told

On this Aamir Khan smiled and told , “Oh where did you see that” . Well we will come to this later , Let me share a small Trivia about how my love began for cinema and creativity with Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan sir.


As a Grown up , My first favorite movie was Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar ke coz Kids were of my age in that . Although LAGAAN and GADAR released on same day , But Both movies were equally Blockbusters, winning hearts of their fans. What a Historic Day for Cinema.

And feels great as Both movies makers are important part of Life , as  my Biggest ever Short film ZINDAGI directed by me , is written by Kapil Sharma (Younger Brother of Anil Sharma)

Got a 3 Hours DVD of LAGAAN making from a Director which had all the hardships that movie faced . Will share some points about making as it was truly inspiring for me at-least.

Feels Nostalgia to Share space with iconic Mukesh Ambani , Neeta Ambani  and Aamir Khan sir in the same frame

TRIVIA – Firstly after listening narration for about six months from Ashitosh Gowarikar , Aamir Khan rejected Lagaan saying that this is total waste.

Then Ashitosh Gowartokar went home and thrown story in trash and started rewriting it. It took him nearly a year to write , and after finishing he again came to meet Aamir Khan to Narrate . Aamir Khan told “Where are you” (Saw the script) and told “Dont tell me , that you have wasted these years in that crap”

Ashitosh requests that please listen only once. Aamir Khan accepts and again calls his friends to listen too. Friends included Jhamu Sughand too. Then in this narration, friends started taking interest and here Our Mr. Perfectionist started taking interest on “What are the points they are laughing” And so our Journey began.

But Aamir Khan thought that this movie needs full freedom as a Producer, But I am acting so how I can produce so Brought his Wife Reena on Board and told “This is money and do what ever you want, You are the Boss”

Audition started where I saw  actors in full costume look giving screen test. On the other hand Location hunt was going in Kutch. They felt its too hot here and will be tougher for actors to even survive. So rented the entire Hotel and did renovation work in each room with fixing AC and luxury Furniture’s. This hotel was around two hours far from the shoot place so placed a BUS which use to leave a Six in morning. Once Aamir Khan was late, And Bus left hero only left- This was also lesson for other actors that everyone is equal , Wow way to go Mr Perfectionist.

Now Coming to locations, as locations were of Huts from outside and when Doors of Huts opened – were lavish walls and Air Condition with Furniture and English Toilets. Not only this  but Aamir Khan deposited 36 Lacs  (Six Lacs per Month) in every actors account saying “Now we just want your six months , For six months just consider Lagaan as your family”. What an inspiring making indeed, Truly a complete picnic for actors with lots of learning

Priyanka Raina Sharing space with Faisal Khan and Shezaad Khan

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