Saawaria was The Biggest Premiere , and Glad was Part of it – Girl from Another World

By Priyanka Raina

Long Journey since was learning aspects of Film-making deeply into my Theater Life , At that time use to send for Crowd Dubbing to get proper aspect of “How Films are made“. As Dubbing is more difficult from Acting, You have to match the Lips while looking into the Monitor.

During this Tenure, Have Dubbed for all Big Films such as LIFE IN A METRO , BHOOTHNATH , WELCOME and many cartoon episodic. All this were lined in one and only BR STUDIOS which was  the only Highlighted studio of that times. And during Dubbing , was the first one to view movie in Post Production stage.

During that tenure period , A source from (Sonam Kapoor) team called up ,”Do you want an Pass for the Biggest ever SAWARIA Premiere Night” .. I was totally taken aback , By that time doing plays , Dubbing  so had not even seen the trailer of movie SAAWARIA but had idea that its Ranbir’s Film. On this I said indistinctly that” This things should not ask , Should Gift it immediately.

I saw the Venue (Imax) as was near my side and Time 8 PM and my screen 3. Saawaria was The Biggest Premiere , and Glad was Part of it (Screen 3|IMAX)  .As was my very first party, was nervous to click pictures, but will share you few moments that I witnessed in this iconic premiere.

Priyanka ‘s Costume at Sawaria Premiere

Keeping it simple and charming , was wearing a Blue Kurta type and Jeans….

AS I entered IMAX lane, could see a jumble of crowd with cameras(Wasn’t knowing that time that its Media) . Then walked at REd Carpets – There at Gate were The Man Sanjay Leela Bansali himself standing with Ranbir and Sonam to welcome guests.

They smiled at me to know my name, I showed my pass and on this said “Welcome”.

As walked inside , was totally a roller-coaster ride , with almost the whole Film fraternity. Told to myself, “This is my World of Dreams”

Firstly, There was SLB sir shouting Screen 2 and Screen 4 – We have started movie so please walk in. He came and saw my pass which was SCREEN 3 , so told “Enjoy the Party , we have still time”

Screen 2 and Screen 4 were normal public so started early. Screen 3 were elderly actors and Screen 1 were Young ones.

So nervous and quietly stood besides Rani Mukherji (Was actually comparing Height as have read she has short height.) But after seeing , Told “Rani is taller”

Was standing next to Rani, Next was Sonam an Ranbir and Priyanka Chopra. Four of us  were looking at each other and smiling until a Bizarre happened. There came a small kid who touched an actor , his mom coming from behind ” BETA UNCLE KO SORRY BOLO”

There should have seen Ranbir Kapoor’s look, Before he could say anything- Voice from Behind came “Uncle Mat Kaho Na“. We all looked behind and was Karan Johar with a weird look. Ranbir  was the first one to say “Oh Karan Uncle….”

Secondly , while was entering into screen – Salman Khan was standing a the Gate to welcome guests as all elder actors were in it. Ahead of me was Dimple Kapadia, and then I came in-front of Salman to enter, I told “You can carry the same procedure as with Dimple Kapadia” . On this Salman smiled and said “Welcome”.

Then coming to interval phase, This was the most iconic moments of my life as shared moments with Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar.

When was just standing on First floor and looking down, there came Saira Banu and kept talking to me for I think around 10 minutes , my name and brief conversations n Cinema.  Dilip ji was standing at a distance of feet and walking (That time He could walk).

Also while was sitting where Sawaria BOAT (Sets) was decorated, There was Rishi Kapoor looked at me, thought for a while and said “Hello”

Now coming to climax, when we all came out and have see “Faces” . At that time some one told , Be here Ranbir is coming to everyone to ask reactions. I was like, Omg what to say as did not like the film.

At that time Ranbir Kapoor came, Hold me and told, “So here we are, How was the film”

I told, “Loved your performance thoroughly especially Jab se tere Naina song, and you the real Rockstar man , Have a long way to go

(Did not tell about movie anything , just praised RK )

Hearing this , Ranbir Kapoor gave a Tight Hug and said “Thanks Buddy”

That was all about the Biggest Night , and years after while was editing for my very first Short film “Clean and Green India” in 2011, met Ranbir Kapoor at BR STUDIOS who I think had come to Dub for Wake up sid.

Priyanka raina Ranbir kapoor
RK and PR

So if anyone has seen me in Saawaria premiere inside pictures, Do send in mail if have, Thanks and Regards

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