“Mahabharata” Epic tale presented beautifully by Puneet Issar, GARV !

By Priyanka Raina

When we talk about the Epic serial “MAHABHARATA” – What comes in our minds. The serial which created History on Doordarshan, The Serial which brought whole everyone in front of Television, The Serial which emptied out the roads , and lots more….

Epic Serial by BR CHOPRA films , Directed by Ravi Chopra was one of the biggest ever first serial which reached miles.


The MAHABHARATA between Pandavas and Kouravas became a epic tale , and henceforth so many stories like Karan ARJUN , Krishna Arjun came which were Hit lines of movies.

Presenting Mahabharata on Note of DRAYODHANA – KARAN friendship , which was the most important and key note in story. If Karan had not been Abandon by KUNTI, story would have been something else. Every Character of MAHABHARATA is equally important and tells a story which could relate us , Isn’t it?

Still from Play “Mahabharata”

One character of Mahabharata which was important on its terms , That would get smile on face is KRISHNA played by  Nitish Bharadwaj . From Gokul ki Masti to Kans Vadh to creating a new city DWARKA to HASTINAPUR – Every journey tells a Unique story.

KRISHNA – Nitish Bharadwaj and Yashodhan Rana

So here Puneet Issar ( DARYODHANA) brings a wonderful play “MAHABHARATA”  which has some brilliant performances , Masterpiece creation of Sets that wpuld give feel of Grand Mahabharata, Great Dialogues just brings you engrossing and engaging till the end.

Siddhant Issar plays Young Darydhana

Also the Key factor Siddhant Issar who Debuts in Acting as Young Daryodhan has given a Brilliant performance and not only acting , He had also written Dialogues along with  Puneet Issar and Team.

Puneet Issar in “Mahabharata

Every single frame was so engrossing , that it tell a story . Sets were so attractive that I could feel the Vibes of Hastinapur .

Watch Video by Priyanka Raina to know more about play

To see this Unique play  MAHABHARATA , Locate when ‘s next on BOOK MY SHOW in your cities. Dont miss a play which will leave you with many stories , as every character tells a story.

Guests Visit to see”Mahabharata” play are NITISH BHARADWAJ , Rakesh Bedi , Priyanka Raina

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