Tanhaji – The Unsung Warrior(Review) | 100th Film of Ajay Devgn is indeed Historic

Directed By : OM RAUT
Produced By: ADF Films
Cast : Ajay Devgn, Kajol , Saif Ali Khan
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

Tanhaji – The Unsung warrior is 100th Film of Ajay Devgn as an Actor. It also features Kajol and Saif Ali Khan in Lead roles.

Before we come to Tanhaji , Lets us talk a bit about Historic films in past . we have seen 81546796_10156909045436728_3833575366165790720_osome amazing unlike SALTANAT , LAGAAN , JODHA AKBAR based on a Historical journey and which are Huge Hits and loved by all. Its obvious when you make a film on History, there’s lot of research on justifying the characterization. Let  us see reports about our Today’s release Tanhaji – The Unsung warrior.

Now Tanhaji – The Unsung warrior was a great warrior of 17th Century who had set his SWARAJYA himself winning the KONDANA Fort . Well Tanhaji is played by Ajay Devgn , SavitriBai is played by Kajol and Udayban Rathod is played by Saif Ali Khan. And apart there are many characters but  Will not tell much on story line , as we are all aware of History .

Direction :  Director OM RAUT has work every inch in detailing, depth of the characters . Also apart the locations , graphics work is just Brilliant. “For A moment , I thought that was watching Hollywood film , then remembered Oh I am in the lovely world of Tanhaji”  Cinematography is just brilliant that you can just feel the 17th century

Music : Music By Ajay – Atul looks promising , especially loved the lyrics and beats of Shankara song. Tinak Tinak on Kajol, just fell in love with song. Holi song is the key highlights.

Cast : Ajay Devgn is just outstanding as Tanhaji, No words to define this Great maratha. Kajol looks sweet in her small role , especially Holi song is one of the Highlights. Saif Ali Khan – One of the best performances till date after OMKARA. But guesses OMKARA too was with Ajay Devgn . This combination must say is SUPERHIT/

Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

Review : The 100th Film of Ajay Devgn is Historic indeed , with a great story line which is best in Cinematography , Graphics , Casting, Direction , Music and do I need  to say something more? The Perfect start to 2020 with Tanhaji


History of 17th Century is recreated , The Great warrior -Tanhaji at your nearby Cinemas from 10th Jan 2020

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