Love aaj Kal 2020 (Review) By Priyanka Raina | A perfect Valentines Date

Directed By : Imtiaz Ali
Produced By: Maddock Films , JIO
Cast : Karthik Aryan , Randeep Hooda , Sarah Ali Khan , Aarushi Sharma
Review by : Priyanka Raina 

IMG_20200213_184154 (1)Talking a brief on Imtiaz Ali Films, as we seen Definition of Love on various notes unlike arrange marriages shown in Socha Na Tha to Strangers meet in Train journey Jab We Met to Singer taking his journey of Love in Rockstar  to endless counts . Lets see our Today’s release  LOVE AAJ KAL which is also  a Franchise of 2009 film.

Love aaj Kal is a perfect Valentine movie to celebrate with you Better halves, where Love is defined between 90s (Randeep Hooda- Aarushi Sharma) and 2020 (Karthik Aryan- Sarah ali Khan) in Generations gaps.

As (Randeep Hooda) could’nt complete his Love , but he narrates story to Zui in form of fairy tale , so she doesn’t repeats same mistake. First half is a lovely form of LOVE in 90s and 2020 , where Zoya and Veer ‘s Love fairy tale increases. Post interval will show the reality as many youngsters are confused that What to choose between “Career” or “Love”

Cast : All actors are portrayed beautifully by Director Imtiaz Ali , I think who is a mastermind and knows what to intake.

Direction : Direction between 90s era where shows song of QYAMAT SE QYAMAT TAK to 2020’s Disco’s and all is well executed.

Music : Songs are already topping at No 1 on charts , as Music is loved by all/

Watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

The last Word : Love Aaj kal 2020 is perfect Valentines date , and a special cocktail if you a Sarah Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan Fan

Rating : Four and Half Stars

IMG_20200213_215453 (1)
Rockstar Director Imtiaz Ali on Love AAJ Kal with Priyanka Raina

Love aaj Kal Featuring Karthik Aryan, Randeep Hooda , Sarah Ali Khan Hits Screens near you on 14th February 2020.

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