Life at 5O has been Excellent & more of LOOOT of “Acting”- Prem Jhangiani

“Life post 5O has been more Excellent for me & more of LOOOT”,  Says Prem Jhangiani who is well established Marketing PR in Bollywood and Adds another Hat of Acting with “Choti Sardarni” which is airing on Colors.

Prem Jhangiani

Prem Jhangiani further continues , “It seems I have been reborn and I still have to so much more, no not financially but yes for my childhood dream, since childhood I wanted to get into acting, but destiny had something else to say, but I did remain in the same industry just that I started promoting other films and actors as Marketting PR, but now that I have got this opportunity I honestly won’t like to miss on it”  

Q: So what you would like to tell to Aspiring Actors who loose their hearts at a very young age by “Committing Suicides” ?

Prem Jhangiani : In fact I would like to tell other aspiring actors don’t loose your heart because if God has sent you here he has sent you with a mission, till you are Alive your mission isn’t complete, In recent times we have been seeing that the youngster take drastic step by ending ones life, but you need to understand that you have people who count on you, just because you don’t get success that doesn’t mean that you end your life this way. Like Everyone has so many ups & downs in life which you face like a “Challenge” and not to “Ignore it . But yes I did have support from my family and friends and well wishes who reminded me that LOOOT ABHI BAAKI HAI

Exactly we encourage youth not be dependent on others and instead staying in their Own cites they can make an start with the World of “Short Films“. Its Time to Create your Own Platform with a good story , Shoot it and Upload on World’s largest platform “You tube”. So isn’t this LOOT, and if your content is good , It will get viral.

Prem Jhangiani

Prem Jhangiani makes a Comeback into Acting from Serial “Choti Sardarni” which is airing on COLORS.
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