Botin Yeshil Ka | New Koli Song 2020 | Keval Walanj | Sneha Mahadik | Pravin Koli

Regional Cinema has always has its space , and is appreciated at times for its “Content” . Taking about Punjabi Cinema with fantastic movies like Sardarji, Bhajji in Problem , HAANI are being loved by audiences for its richer content.

By Priyanka Raina

Coming to Marathi industry , there have been some lovely movies on list like “Chumbak” which won the hearts . Now Saptsur Music presents Brand New Koli Song 2020, Botin Yeshil Ka”, featuring Pratiksha Mungekar and Abhijeet Amkar. This song is sung by Keval Walanj & Sneha Mahadik. Lyrics by Pravin Koli & Yogita Koli. Produced by Sainath Rajadhyaksha.

बोटीने येशील का  (Poster)

आभाळी सजली चंद्राची कोरतशी दिसतेय भारी ही कोळ्याची पोर …बोटीने येशील का ? नविन रोमॅंटिक कोळी गीत लवकरच ” सप्तसुर म्युझिक ” चॅनल वर … SUBSCRIBE  करा.

Watch बोटीने येशील का  (Full Song)

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