Year 2020 has Brought Directing “TWO” Big Short films , “Facebook” Live Chat shows & much more- Priyanka Raina

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Priyanka Raina

Year 2020” Brought me Directing “TWO” Big Short films , Conducting “Facebook” Live Chat shows & many Lockdown films“- Priyanka

2020 has been a rollercoaster year considering the “pandemic” and “Lockdown” so far, A year of discovering our selves , A year of knowing your selves much better, a year of spending time with families and much more apart.

Also directed many Short videos featuring ‘Priyanka’ in double or Triple role on messages which are there on my page Priyanka Raina. 2020 also brought us back to life of 90s , working out under the tree instead of closed ‘GYMS’. Shot Fitness videos to give knowledge on ground workouts.

By Priyanka Raina

Lockdown” in the room , thought of an idea and so wrote a small short film and thought for bringing actors into it. First actually spoke to Prem Chopra sir that on approval of acting in Short films. When got the approval, then made the plan and send script to Rakesh Bedi sir as he is from Theaters. Rakesh Bedi shot well and sent on my wats app. And then brought many actors Rajkumar Kanoja, Surinder Pal Singh in it who shot videos in different characters. Here’s Short film featuring Prem Chopra , Directed by Priyanka Raina.

Well much before in March 2020 , I directed short film NEHA which is based on Depression factor on ‘How actors commit suicide ‘ . “The movie was released on my Birthday”, Priyanka Raina adds and Produced by THE MENDING MINDS.

Prior coming , made ‘Fitness’ videos giving tips on ‘How to ground workouts’ when gyms were closed. So here is video of workouts doing Mountain climbing, Shoulders touch, push ups, planks and more. Watch video to know “Proper” words.


Then there ‘Lockdown‘ Short films which all there on our official You Tube , Do subscribe to watch many more content videos.

Short film on “Mumbai’

Short film on ‘Back to work’ giving motivation , to go around with #SafetyFirst norms.

Then there are many many more conducting live shows on Facebook with Poonam Dhillon, Sandip Soparkar, Deepak Balraj Vij, REMO DSOZA Sahila Chaddha , VARUN SHARMA and Aarti Chabaria , singing with Kumar Shanu , Himesh Reshammiya , Playing BasketBall and much more.

Lockdown has opened way for cycling around the streets of #Bandra , birds moving freely on roads and singing. Also one thing Lockdown has a huge impact on increasing sales of Cycles Love.

Last but not least , Love for music is always beyond so singing song from ‘Mera naam joker’

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