Nail Polish (Review) by Priyanka Raina | Journey of ‘Veer’ to ‘Charu’

Cast : Arjun Rampal , Manav , Madhoo, Rajit Kapoor

Directed by : Bugs Bhargava Krishna

The story is based on #CourtroomDrama which is based on High profile Murder charge on #VeerSingh , due to which he looses his memory and becomes #CharuRaina.

Basically Story of “Nail Polish’ revolves around court room drama which is based on High profile victim ‘Veer Singh’ who is accused on murder of children, and High profile lawyer comes to fight his case is Arjun Rampal. Story is simple Veer overcomes an accident due to which he has memory loss and becomes “Charu Raina”.

Now who is Charu Raina , mystery opens when Veer is tested on narcotics by Doctors to say truth. Truth is even more bitter as opens on Charu Raina in Kashmir where a guy named “Ranjit” had met 10 years back.

To know more watch Video Review by Priyanka Raina

Review : Although the movie was bit dragging in the middle , but loved the way director Bugs Bhargava Krishna has maintained the suspense thoroughly , which takes you till the end to know the truth.


The Story ‘Nail Polish’ is available on ZEE 5 .

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