My Tribute to IRRFAN KHAN on his Birthday with amazing contribution to Indian Cinema !!

“Irrfan Khan” – An actor whom we seen since childhood in early 90s with the Mega Hit seral “Chandrakanta” celebrated his Birthday on 7th Jan and then attempting to make it in Indian cinema with some magnificent Hits unlike Madari, Life in a Metro , Pan singh Tomar and many short films with Nawazzuddin Siddique in early 2000s which are all available on you tube .

By Priyanka Raina

My association with Irrfan Khan sir is bit in a small way , but a special way. Firstly I had dubbed for movie LIFE IN A METRO during my theater days at BR STUDIOS. Then attended screening of his movies like “Madari” , “Hindi medium” which are known as amazing contribution to Indian Cinema.

Also met Irrfan Khan at Sunny super Sound on Third floor where I had come for my edit work and Irrfan Khan sir had come for his dubbing. He was so polite and humble and just believed in his work.

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