Remembering Senior film Journalist Mohan Ayyer !

By Priyanka Raina

First time I met Mohan Ayyer sir on the sets of Daal mein kuch kaala hai (My first movie as assistant director), where he is was doing a part marketing for the film. He was such a humble and soft spoken person and only reason who became a one of the closest friends in near future.

Then at one the launch where Salman Khan IN front of whole media appreciated Mohan Ayyer on recollecting his Assistant days saying “30 rs per day ” . Yes, Salman khan and Mohan Ayyer started together as Assistant directors which came to know in that launch event.

Salman Khan, Mohan Ayyer

Also my first press screening which I had attended for movie “Dhobighat” was arranged by Mohan Ayyer as that time my review got published in Complete Cinema. Then often met Mohan Ayyer at Filmmaker Anil Sharma ‘s House parties where even Mohan Ayyer was more then a family.

A self made PRO , writer and singer too which saw at Usha Khanna ‘s night where Mohan Ayyer sang song DIL DE DE DEKHO on stage . The video was completely shot by me and when I sent link to Mohan Ayyer of his singing, ” He was so happy to see it and said Thank you so much Priyanka”.

Also I had said that when ever I make my first movie , will give you at least one song for playback singing as your voice is good.

Mohan Ayyer and Usha Khanna

Also listen DIL DE DE DEKHO sung by Mohan Ayyer on stage at Usha Khanna night.

Mohan Ayyer ‘s immense love to Indian Cinema can not be forgotten , such a humble , soft spoken person, who just believed completely in his work. Got the sad news on 29th March at 9:30 pm where Mohan Ayyer got affected due to Covid at hospital.

Its truly sad of the newly affected gem called “Covid” , hope everyone gets rid of this COVID factor soon , which whole world is suffering with heavy lockdown. Mohan Ayyer will be missed truly as sincere Indian Cinema journalist.

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