Cycling was always my Passion – Priyanka Raina

I was always passionate on cycling since childhood, and use to cycle almost daily. I had participated in few cycle races in school times and also in the mega CYCLOTHON event that happened in BANDRA in the year 2010

I had cycled In that event for 12 kms, but had a fall while cycling on slope. Got a mild injury just in knee. And did not cycle much after that.

One day, it finally happened in Lockdown July 2020, when one day was looking down from window and seeing : “Wow Empty roads. It would be fun riding a bicycle on these roads, isn’t it?

Thinking that next day I rented cycle for a month just to see weather am comfortable or not. And cycling on empty roads, discovering all hidden places in suburbs was fun. And finally after a month, got my Riding Partner

Today privileged to write a note on completing 1Year of HAPPY RIDING .

And one more thing , One thing that has groomed in “Lockdown” is the “Cycle” sales. The sales of cycle has hit the 100 percent sales in market.

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