Tiger Shroff, Priyanka Raina on Save Environment | Bhamla Foundation

As we all know , Tiger Shroff had always set goals on Fitness as far health issues concerned, Here’s now something different to clean environment, Check it out with Priyanka Raina as walking to support Bhamla Foundation.

Tiger Shroff, Priyanka Raina

Here Priyanka asks Tiger Shroff as we are supporting “Save Environment” , Also it would be wonderful if Cycling would come in large numbers. As cycling is good for health too and it controls pollution too…

On this Tiger Shroff replied sweetly, “Oh yes infact Cycling is a very good exercise and of ur office is closer by, why not – You should Cycle your way and be healthy, Stay Fit.

Here s video of Tiger Shroff and Priyanka Raina at Bhamla Foundation walking to Save Environment

Also if you have passion for cycling, Do let us know in comments below. And hit Cycle today and be in mission “Save Petrol, Burn your Petrol”

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