When “Hindi” Cinema is not making good movies enough, so its more common to switch to “Regional” Cinema for Entertainment. Punjabi Cinema has always been on high and Now South Indian Cinema broke all records with a Mega Blockbuster PUSHPA RAJ featuring ALLU ARJUN.

Well story starts with so much of positivity shown in Animation- The Japani wedding and then pictured on Guitar🎸 considering it the most expensive guitar in Japan.

Why it’s so expensive, because its made in Japan by one Special wood. This Special Wood is not available in Japan , But smuggled from Far away through Ships from China. Suprises , actually this woods is not from China too, China gets its 1000 Mike’s away from MADRAS🇮🇳

Yes , Lal Chandan is available only in one Jungle in whole world and that’s #IncredibleIndia .

And here journey starts of labour PUSHPA from cutting trees to becoming huge in his own terms “JHUKEGA NAHI”

Review:Watch PUSHPA RAJ on Amazon prime and have a blast in Entertainment.

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