Kashmir Files brings Kashmiri Pandits Back to Paradise – Priyanka Raina

Recently on a visit in Kashmir on Location Hunt , when I asked we are planning to shoot so would be looking to buy a cottage or property , So where can we find Property dealers “

On this Hotel owners got aggressive and said smoothly, “We don’t falk into this nonsense “

This is nonsense, Are Kashmiri Pandits not allowed to stay in paradise which is their home?

Who are these people ? Less educated, Increase families by 4 marriages.

Kashmir in today’s date have No Internet (If in cities, that too 2G , Electricity goes off for hours, And No Cinema Halls)

First of all Thank You our Honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi ji for removing ARTICLE 370 which was killing Kashmiri Pandits , And also allowing KASHMIR FILES to release so that everyone sees Bitter truth of these Corrupt so called JEHADIS

Just attempted to watch Kashmir files as got released on ZEE 5 .

Kashmir files is not just a film, but a Bitter truth of these JEHADIS

At a moment , was in shock to see How these so called Jehadis were putting Pakistani flags in Kashmir, Their currency in our Country🇮🇳 And so many incidents which may take your heart in mouth.

Now we shall stop this , How?

Kashmir Income source is totally on Tourism. Till time these Jehadis don’t die with Hunger and leave Kashmir, STOP going to Kashmir.

Boycott Kashmir Tourism, Till Kashmiri Pandits don’t enter.

Instead increase JAMMU Tourism which is even more beautiful with Tourism spots like Bhaderwah, Paddar, Sinthan top, and Also SNOW in Jammu in Patnitop , BageBahu , Raghunath Mandir and above all Is VAISHNO DEVI.

I want my Kashmir back , A house in Paradise; are you with Me?

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