On eve of “World Music Day”, Priyanka Raina expresses her love for Music !

Music is the soul of Indian Cinema. As a 90′ Kid , we has some excellent melody with Music Directors Uttam Singh, Anu Malik , Nadeem Shravan, Rajesh Roshan , A R rehman which eventually made us fall in love with Indian Cinema.

Also there’s a app like ‘Starmaker’ where upcoming talents sing songs. And have noticed one thing that everyone is singing old songs or Till mid 90s.

Are today’s songs not worth listening? Are there songs today that can carry us?

Well so many questions arise , In todays world – There’s a fiction named Bollywood which is going towards Western world. Hence instead giving preference to music, There are idolising SEX in Indian Cinema🤣 with counting on “How many kisses will be in film”

Also talking on music , Let’s speak on epic MAJROOH SULTANPURI and Raj Kapoor combination where we have amazing contributions unlike EK DIN BIK JAAYEGA and many more. Also we can’t ignore amazing contributions from MANOJ KUMAR who gave us many patriotic songs unlike MERE DESH KI DHARTI and many more.

“Making use to your time in Lockdown, I learnt music about piano too, with skills of my composition. And believe me , Music gives such a sweet sensation to your body. ” , Priyanka Raina

Celebrating the power of Music on June 21st , 2022. World Music Day

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