TITU AMBANI (2022) | Dreams over Reality

Banner:  Sabal Productions

Produced by: Mahendra Vijaydan Detha, Dinesh Kumar

Directed by: Rohit Raj Goyal

Story and Screenplay: Rohit Raj Goyal

Music By: Bharat- Hitarth

Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media

CAST Tushar Pandey as Titu, Deepika Singh as Mosmi, Raghubir Yadav as Shukla Ji, Pritam Jaiswal ;Sapna Sand  as Prabhavati Shukla, Virendra Saxena  as Narendra Trivedi, Samta Sagar  as Sugandha Trivedi, Brijendra Kala  as Sajan Chaturvedi

Titu Ambani is a story of Tito staying in local village of Rajasthan and aspires to be millionaire in shortcut way .His Dad (Raghubir yadav) always is fed up of him and don’t know how to handle situation. Tito falls in love with girl MOSMI and how circumstances change is full of masala comedy entertainer

Synopsis/ Plot:

Titu.. His aspirations and dreams are far from his actions, he dreams with open eyes, and finds the shortest way to achieve his dreams. Despite despite his debt-ridden life, if you ask him, he is no less a dreamer than Ambani!

Mosmi is the girl of today, living life on her own terms. She cannot compromise with her principles. Mosmi feels that Titu and she are made for each other but troubles arise when Titu’s decisions endanger their love affair.

This is a slice of life film, this simple love story of middle-class family conveys the big message of life in a very entertaining way

Review – Content is itself the Hero of the film, and if Content is strong then all characters justify their role. Movie is a complete Family entertainer .

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars.

TITU AMBANI releases in cinemas on 8 th July 2022.

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