Anupam Kher Hits Hatrick With “UUNCHAI” in 2022| Indian Cinema

Movies work on ‘Content’ and nothing else. In the top circle where all movies are Floping badly in row, One actor who is also known as Master of ACTING ‘ANUPAM Kher ‘totally saves CINEMA on taking it to UUNCHAI level.

By Priyanka Raina

Firstly KASHMIR FILES in March 2022, which took Cinema to another level hitting Biggest ever record , Then came KARTIKEYA 2 to add more flavours and Finally its in 75 th year of RAJSHRI PRODUTIONS hitting to UUNCHAI levels.

This is only possible from the the man who prepares upcoming Actors (Actor prepares) and also has great knowledge on selection of stories, Salute Anupam Kher sir 😊

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