IFFI Goa should be accused of Calling Kashmir Files ‘Vulgar’! – Priyanka

Kashmir Files is not just a film , But a sad reality that no one even wants to remember.

By Priyanka Raina

A Trauma which Kashmiri Pandits amd Hindus faced , Forced to leave their Home just because Some people across the Borders (Muslims) were telling on Gun point.

In 1990 , They were giving Pakistan Currency in Kashmir, Putting Pakistan flags all over in Kashmir and above all forcing Pandits to have BEEF on Gun point. This is Called , VULGARITY Dear Iffi Goa .

Where are Kashmiri Pandits today in Kashmir?

Kashmiri Pandits all over in USA on top posts where KASHMIR FILES screening was organised almost in every country of USA, UK , and all over the world.

A very well presented by Vivek Agnihotri sir to show the cruel phase of these monsters, And special Thanks to Narendra Modi that after years KASHMIR has only one FLAG 🇮🇳🇮🇳

Kashmir files is a true incident, Cruelty of these Muslims on how Forcing to have Beef on Gun Point, Now that’s ‘Vulgar’

Wearing BURKHA and commiting crimes , that’s biggest ever VULGARITY of these nuisance

ANUPAM KHER s verdict

Vivek Agnihotri announces another film while giving reply to these fake propaganda

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