Thank you 2022 for adding MUSIC in me- Priyanka Raina

Last Day of Beautiful , Creative and ‘Musical’ Year 2022 which has built a New Addition in me

By Priyanka Raina

Playing Guitar 🎸 is itself meditation and am glad now can compose songs using basic Chords, Priyanka Raina says

Also when Bollywood was busy making ” Epic Disasters ” (Read my previous article) – I was actually innovating myself into new Addition into the world of MUSIC industry.

Except the SOUTH and Punjabi Cinema which actually saved Cinema, Bollywood only has THREE hits in 2022 leaving a huge list of DISASTERS .

Beautiful ‘Musical’ year which has built a sweet word MUSIC in me, which itself is getting into meditation . Glad I can now create layers ,combine them and make into a lovely composition ❤️

Looking forward into your Friend 2023 with lots more Creative innovations

Piano Tutorials by Priyanka

Thank you and Keep loving

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Also guitar lessons by Priyanka Raina, on her most favourite iconic signature tune of 90s DDLJ.

See you soon in Lovely innovative 2023 , Till then Don’t forget to HIT SUBSCRIBE to our Channel

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