Remembering Amrish Puri – The original MOGAMBO khush Hua

Remembering one of the most Versatile actors of Era during 80s , 90s and Early 2000s AMRISH PURI . This video especially posted by Anupam Kher sir on Instagram made me think a bit on his movies 🎬

By Priyanka Raina

Let me name some of the iconic dialogues that he had just made audiences in love with Cinema 🎥


2. BISHAMBAR….. Ram Lakhan

and also famous “Babuji” you recall it over Superhits DDLJ , PARDES , GADAR, Hero LOVE STORY OF SPY , or many Ajay Devgn films or Akshay kumar films.

Amrish Puri had was also known for a great FATHER – SON on screen relationship with AJAY DEVGN right from his movies Phool Aur Kaante to endless movies unlike JAAN and many more.

Also a great relationship with AKSHAY KUMAR in movies unlike ZULMI, AITRAAZ and many more..

Amrish Puri amazing act with Amitabh Bachchan also can’t be forgotten

Last but Not least, Who can forget Power packed relation with SUNNY DEOL in Thundering GHATAK , GADAR and Hero LOVE story of spy

And as we think on Sunny Deol – Amrish Puri Cinema, We all know GADAR 2 is in making. Gadar without Sunny Deol is not possible, and so without Amrish Puri. Lets see who’s going to replace iconic AMRISH PURI In Gadar 2 .

R u excited, please write down in comments below.

This was video that made me write entire article, Thank you Anupam Kher sir for posting nostalgia

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