Joy Mukherjee Cinema Termed as “Golden Era” of Indian Cinema | (Read my Story)

As Today’s Friday are not having Good Cinema to watch, So I go back to RAJ Kapoor era and Joy Mukherjee to get my mood back.

This Article is To consideration especially my Generation of Mid 80s, am sure you haven’t seen this Classics just like me. Read my Article on JOY MUKERJI Cinema and am sure you will in love with Wonderful Music ❤️

By Priyanka Raina

Joy Mukherjee Cinema will also reveal Gorgeous Actress Asha Pareikh , Saira Banu , Sharmila Tagore in never seen role before.

Let’s talk first about “SAYONAARA” girl ASHA PAREIKH , Yes wonderful song is from movie “LOVE IN TOKYO” .

This movie also has some wonderful music unlike “MUJHE TUM MIL GAYE HUMDUM ” and lots more.

More movies on Duo JOY Mukherjee- Asha Pareikh are “Hum Hindustani” , “Phir Wohi Dil laaya hoon” , and “Ziddi” will just make you fall in love

Am thankful to meet this Gorgeous actors SAIRA BANU and Asha Pareikh At DILIP KUMAR s residence.

Now next coming to Saira Banu, how can you forget evergreen DIL VIL PYAAR VYAAR from movie SHAGIRD , looking just like Baby Doll in movie.

Also more movies on Due Joy Mukherjee- Saira Banu are “DOOR KI AWAAZ” , “SAAZ KI AWAAZ” , “AAO PYAAR KAREEN”, Yeh Zindagi kitni hassen hai”

Now next on Block is Gorgeous SHARMILA TAGORE from movie “DIL AUR MOHABAT“. In this movie Song HAATH AAYA HAI which is picturised so beautifully on Beach featuring Joy Mukherjee and Sharmila Tagore .

Another movie Featuring Duo JOY Mukherjee- Sharmila Tagore is HUMSAAYA which was released in 1968.

“Lucky and Blessed enough to share moments with Gorgeous Sharmila Tagore at JW MARRIOT “- Priyanka Raina

So I think , Was enough to share my Experience on JOY MUKHERJEE Cinema to start this Wonderful Sunday with ofcoarse Cinema❤️

Do share your Feedback in Comments below, till we come with some more Rare Classics, Thank you🤗❤️

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