AAZAM |(2023 Movie) Jimmy Shergill | Abhimanyu Singh

Aazam is a 2023 “Hindi” Language film, Written and Directed by Shravan Tiwari.

Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Stars

The movie AAZAM features Jimmy Sheirgill, Govind Namdev , Abhimanyu Singh , Indraneil Sengupta, Mushtaq Khan , Raza Murad Ali Khan in lead Roles.

AAZAM is a Crime Suspense Thriller that revolves around underworld gang who controls a syndicate in the city. AAZAM is about succession battle of mafia Don Nawab Khan which revolves around conspiracy,, betrayal and decait.

Will not tell much about story as the Suspense would unveil , But a short description on Characters

Jimmy Shergill portrays the Central character who is good at conning people, Watch film to know more… You will be totally impressed.

Jimmy Shergill with Director Priyanka Raina at AAZAM premiere .

GOVIND NAMDEV although has a small role playing victim s father, But he truly justifies his character.

In pix seen are Director Priyanka Raina with Cast Abhimanyu Singh and Govind Namdev.

Now coming To Abhimanyu Singh, He is playing DON s son who aims to be Don. And what ever comes in his way , he Sweeps them off totally.

Then good performances by supporting cast ANANG DESAI, MUSHTAQ SHEIKH , RAZA MURAD , ALI KHAN . They were good in there small roles.

Last but Not least , was good to see JACKIE SHROFF coming to watch movie and supporting cast by good wishes.

Jackie Shroff and Jimmy Shergill.

JACKIE SHROFF and Priyanka Raina

The PR Team ALTAIR MEDIA with Ashwani Shukla, Ramakant Munde, Priyanka Raina

AAZAM releases in theaters on 26th May 2023

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