Hum Apke Hain Kaun Actress Sahila Chaddha launches her new venture – LE MIRACLES in conversation with Priyanka Raina !

Hum Apke Hain Kaun Actress and Miss India Sahila Chaddha who has acted in more then 50 successful films now launches her new venture – LE MIRACLES. Check it out in chat with Priyanka Raina as Sahila Chaddha herself speaks about her Venture LE MIRACLES – An Restaurant and also all set to launch Acting classes which will be huge start up for fresshers.

By Priyanka Raina

Sahila Chaddha , Priyanka Raina

First of all tell ,How your Journey Started in Industry ?

Sahila Chaddha – I had won many contests and I was Miss India and my Dad Vimal Chaddha was from film background so blessed to start my journey here

Tell us about your new venture , How does the name LE MIRACLES derived ?

Sahila Chaddha – Like mostly everyone keeps name in the name of religion or any faith belief. So I thought as we are all Indians and above all Humans – So why not keep a name which is globally for one which goes internationally as well – and LE MIRACLES came. Also talking to hygiene level , I have different kitchens and separate cooks too for Vegetarian and non Vegetarian dishes. Customers those order from Zomato should get a home made feel, so we prepare total fresh food.

We are mostly concentrating on Quality , its basically my daughter Princess venture. I am supporting her fully, Of coarse she has worked very hard and we try to provide a Total HOME MADE fresh food.

Now tell us something about Acting Classes , as we are even coming with Acting tips to youth under LE MIRACLES ?

Sahila Chaddha – Acting classes is something that I was looking at quite a sometime now. “Le Miracles” is totally a Princess venture , where as Acting classes as I am an Actor so friends often told me that why not you start your own Acting classes as you are a Trained actor yourself.

I got first offer from Delhi and Bhopal as they were telling “Start acting class there”. But I thought as our main base in Mumbai , and Cinema is here so we will start first in Mumbai and then it will be everywhere as “Franchise” on demands.

Apart from “Feature Films” Also you have acted in Short film Zindagi which went viral on social networking sites with 45 milion Hits ?

Sahila Chaddha – Yes (Laughs) and I will only say about this as Zindagi is the only Short film which I have done till now. I only did because Director (Anil Sharma) whom had worked in film MAA earlier , his brother Kapil Sharma had approached me. Kapil told that I have written a subject on Life where you suit in a Main role.

So This I initially told , “Who’s Directing”. Kapil told she’s a new girl and we want you should promote her and help her. So I told first I want to meet her then I will take a decision. So we had a meeting and our Director Priyanka Raina is here taking a wonderful talk today.


Watch Full Conversation on ACTING CLASSES by Sahila Chaddha her self here

Actors can get in touch with LE MIRACLES at respective numbers +918767978777 , +919967886913 , +917208638689 , +919821985103 to Enroll in.

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Rani Mukerji on World Disability Day ‘I learnt a lot about humanity by doing Black and Hichki’

‘I learnt a lot about humanity by doing Black and Hichki’

*‘I learnt a lot about humanity by doing Black and Hichki’ : on World Disability Day, Rani Mukerji speaks about the need to be an inclusive, empowering society*

By Priyanka Raina

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img-20201203-wa0001.jpg
Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukerji has always wowed audiences with her brilliant performances in her cinematic career. Critics and audiences rate her performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black to be her masterpiece and her acting in Hichki as one of her career best. Her impeccable acting as a specially-abled girl Michelle McNally in Black, who strikes a beautiful and soulful bond with her teacher, and her portrayal of a confident Tourette Syndrome patient, Naina Mathur, looking to stamp her presence in this world in the superhit Hichki, helped spark necessary societal conversations about inclusivity and the need for equal rights of citizens.

On World Disability Day today, Rani speaks about the need to be an inclusive, empowering society for all Indians. “I learnt a lot about humanity by doing these outstanding, sensitive films like Black and Hichki. I think these films contributed to making me a better human being and I’m fortunate that I got to do these films and be a part of such beautiful cinematic visions of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Siddharth P. Malhotra. I hope these films managed to spark the right conversations in society about the need to treat everyone as an equal,” she says.

Rani Mukherji , Priyanka Raina

Rani says the characters Michelle McNally and Naina Mathur has made her a stronger human being. She adds, “I learnt about the resolve of people who are determined to triumph despite all odds stacked up against them, their dreams, their aspirations and essaying these powerful girls on screen, made me a stronger human being. I’m grateful that I can talk, see, hear and I realized that, as human beings, we might be taking these things for granted.”

Rani says stereotyping of human beings because of their handicap must end at all cost. She says, “For me, Black and Hichki were emotional experiences that opened my eyes more towards inclusivity for all, kindness and gratitude for what we have. As citizens of this country, we must all do our bit to constantly bring conversations about inclusivity and equality to the fore. Every citizen has rights and I realized that there is a lot of work that we all need to put in, individually, to stop discrimination and stereotyping of individuals like those I have portrayed in Black and Hichki.”

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Wishing everyone a Very Happy Diwali !!

Here’s Priyanka Raina wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali on her social media platform in a unique way “This #Diwali lets sweep the #mask😷 away from our lives permanently and make it a healthy fruitful one and light a diya🪔 for love❤

By Priyanka Raina

Priyanka Raina at INDIA PALACE

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Yash Chopra was so fond of Tere Liye that it remained as his ringtone till he breathed his last (Read Story)

Yash Chopra was so fond of Tere Liye that it remained as his ringtone till he breathed his last….

On the 16th anniversary of the timeless romance Veer-Zaara, Madan Mohan’s son Sanjeev Kohli recounts how the iconic soundtrack of the film was created Yash Chopra’s Veer-Zaara, which starred Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta, was a blockbuster romance.

By Priyanka Raina

The film’s beautiful story was a rage among audiences and this catapulted the movie to a timeless love story status. Veer-Zaara’s music too is iconic as audiences were treated to late Madan Mohan’s unreleased and brilliant soundtracks like Tere Liye. Yash Chopra loved the song so much that it remained his ringtone till he breathed his last. Yash Chopra wanted an old world score for the film which was set 22 years earlier.

He had sittings with various composers but felt it was not working. In a chance moment, Madan Mohan’s son Sanjeev Kohli, who was CEO of YRF at the time, mentioned that his late father had left behind some unused/rejected  dummy compositions. Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra heard them and immediately decided that Veer Zaara would have music by the maestro! Sanjeev Kohli recounts in the book Veer-Zaara,

The Memoirs of a Love Legend, “Veer-Zaara for me was the realization of a dream that I could never believe would ever come true. When my father, the late composer Madan Mohan, passed away in 1975, he was only 51 years old. A lot of music still to be created, a lot of tunes yet to be shared with the world, a lot yet to be achieved! He was widely acknowledged as a great composer but big banners, films with big stars and popular awards always eluded him, and in fact this hurt him deeply. The tapes remained safely kept away, though, over the years, they were suffering damage and with technological developments, they would soon be obsolete.” He adds,

“In 2003, one day Yashji told me that after 6 years he had decided to direct another film, but a film that needed old world music that was away from the western influences that had crept into the scene today. Instinctively, I blurted that I had some old world melodies on tape, now not heard for 28 years. He seemed excited at the idea and very surprised that I had never mentioned this before.

His son, Aditya Chopra was scripting the new film. Adi was a man of today and needed commercially acceptable songs. There was no place for nostalgia and emotions here. Only Yashji and Adi knew what they needed. I didn’t.” The selected unheard tunes were recorded, some 50 years after they had been composed! This had never happened before and Billboard magazine wrote about its significance. The song Tere Liye which became the song of the year then, was based on a rejected tune for the song Dil Dhoondta Hai from  a 1975 film, Mausam!

Javed Akhtar, who made his debut as a lyricist with Yash Chopra’s Silsila in 1981, worked again with the director over two decades later with this film. Lata Mangeshkar was 75 years old at the time, but it was befitting that she sing the songs as these tunes were originally composed by Madan Mohan decades ago, for her to sing! Sanjeev says that the songs took a year to record and opens up about how Yash Chopra was keen to have Lata Mangeshkar sing in the album! He says,

“Yashji was clear that only Lataji would sing the female songs and that thrilled me because all Madanji tunes were made only for Lataji and it would have been incomplete if she did not sing them. But at the same time it concerned me. It would be so challenging for her to sing for Madanji again after 30 years! She was keeping indifferent health and people could be unfair in passing judgment on her. But she found an inner strength to sing as only she can.” Sanjeev was thrilled when his father’s compositions received such overwhelming love.

He says, “With Veer Zaara, every fantasy of mine came true in one stroke. Madanji’s tunes formed the soundtrack of one of India’s biggest and most successful films, created by India’s most successful producer and director, Yash Chopra. The top stars of today, Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, and Rani Mukherji, formed the cast of this film. And what a coincidence that Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini danced to his tunes again and once again his songs were on the top of the charts for almost an entire year, and he finally won many popular awards.”

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ASHRAM | (Review) By Priyanka Raina | One word is “JAPNAAM”

Featuring Bobby Deol in a Prakash Jha “Exclusive” ASHRAM Season 2 series , which tells on world of BABAJI .

Before we Enter into this Ashram , Let us go into a bit Flashback and look into the RAJNEETI where Prakash Jha showed the bitter side of Opposition leaders in politics. Also Talking about AARAKSHAN , where he had shown on caste system . As a result , He shows the bitter truth of society through Cinema.

Now as we Enter season 2 of ASHRAM , we see the journey of Monty who tuned into (BABAJI) attracts only poor and dalits and converts him to their followers and then how he uses them for their own purpose. Babaji is played by Bobby Deol , and truly deserves “JAPNAAM”

Also this ASHRAM shows the bitter side that how they are involved in Drugs , child Trafficking , womanizers’ and lots more to watch on MX PLAYER.

Watch Video Review of ASHRAM by Priyanka Raina

Rating – FOUR STARS , Just enter into this Ashram to see the reality.

You can Enter Season 2 of this ASHRAM only on MX PLAYER and watch journey of this Baba.

Bobby Deol ,Priyanka Raina ( JAPNAAM)

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This LAXMII (Review) is Full “BOMB”| Akshay Kumar | Raghuvendra

Produced by– Tusshar Kapoor
Directed by – Raghuvendra
Featuring -Akshay Kumar , Rajesh Sharma , Manurishi Chaddha , KAIRA
Review By – Priyanka Raina

Lets go in small flashback for a while. Earlier Renown Production Balaji Telefilms had attempted making of HORROR film titled “Kuch To Hai” which no wonders had amazing songs, eye opening locations, But talking about “Horror” was a bit “Comedy” as Suspense was predicted for Rishi Kapoor. Also Krishna Cottage on same level .

Now Actor Tusshar Kapoor opened his own Production and decided to remake South film “Kanchana” in Hindi titled as “LAXMII

LAXMII (Poster)

LAXMII is directed by same “Kanchana” Director Raghuvendra and features Akshay Kumar and Kaira Advani in Lead roles. Also Rajesh Sharma , Manurishi Chaddha added flavors.

“LAXMII” is a the Story of Asif (Akshay Kumar) who doesn’t believe in BHOOT or anything and often says that he will wear bangles when ever he will see Bhoot. Now when ASIF goes to his inlaws place , On way he adventures “Bungalow No 6” and strange things happen to them from then.

“Strange” things were actually comedy , Like Akshay Kumar walking typically in his DISHOOM avatar where he had played Gay role earlier too. When Suspense was revealed in form of LAXMII ‘s story, that was neither surprising too.

Good Actors like Manurishi Chaddha and Rajesh Sharma were good , but were totally wasted. Kaira Advani used just a decorative piece- You can as Typical Heroine material. And Akshay Kumar , after doing such good Message oriented films like Rustom, Padman , what made you do such a pathetic film LAXMII.

Do Check out Video Review of LAXMII By Priyanka Raina

Ratings – Are You kidding , can give just 2 Stars to the film

LAXMII (2020) is available on DISNEY + HOTSTAR , Do let us know your feedback about our review

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Botin Yeshil Ka | New Koli Song 2020 | Keval Walanj | Sneha Mahadik | Pravin Koli

Regional Cinema has always has its space , and is appreciated at times for its “Content” . Taking about Punjabi Cinema with fantastic movies like Sardarji, Bhajji in Problem , HAANI are being loved by audiences for its richer content.

By Priyanka Raina

Coming to Marathi industry , there have been some lovely movies on list like “Chumbak” which won the hearts . Now Saptsur Music presents Brand New Koli Song 2020, Botin Yeshil Ka”, featuring Pratiksha Mungekar and Abhijeet Amkar. This song is sung by Keval Walanj & Sneha Mahadik. Lyrics by Pravin Koli & Yogita Koli. Produced by Sainath Rajadhyaksha.

बोटीने येशील का  (Poster)

आभाळी सजली चंद्राची कोरतशी दिसतेय भारी ही कोळ्याची पोर …बोटीने येशील का ? नविन रोमॅंटिक कोळी गीत लवकरच ” सप्तसुर म्युझिक ” चॅनल वर … SUBSCRIBE  करा.

Watch बोटीने येशील का  (Full Song)

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‘I have checked into a hotel’ -reveals Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana , who despite shooting in his hometown Chandigarh isn’t staying with his family because of coronavirus threat

*‘I have checked into a hotel’ : reveals Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana,* who despite shooting in his hometown Chandigarh isn’t staying with his family because of coronavirus threat

By Priyanka Raina

Ayushmaan Khuraana

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana is busy shooting his next, a progressive love story Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, being directed by Abhishek Kapoor. The youth icon, who has been recently voted TIME magazine’s one of the most influential people in the world, is shooting this film in his hometown Chandigarh but we discovered that he is not staying with his family! In fact, he has checked himself into a hotel! Reason – the deadly coronavirus threat that is looming on the heads of every Indian.

Ayushmann reveals, “I have been extremely cautious through the pandemic and taken every possible step to not catch the virus and protect my family. My wife and my two young kids can never come in harm’s way because of me. With me starting to work, our parents in Chandigarh too should be safe at all times. Though I want to contribute to restart the industry, I also want to safeguard my family from the virus.”

He adds, “Following this, I have checked into a hotel along with the entire production team. We are all staying there till the end of the shoot. Whenever I go to meet my family now, we are maintaining social distance and also wearing our masks. It feels odd but it is an important security step.”

Ayushmann admits that is dearly missing spending time with his family. He says, “I’m also getting tested at regular intervals through the shoot to keep checking on my health. Staying at a hotel helps protect my family and the crew members because we have all tried to create a bio-bubble. Once the shoot is complete, I will catch up on lost time with my family and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Ayushmann credits Abhishek and Pragya Kapoor and their entire production crew’s supervision to keep the virus at bay on the sets of Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui.

“The production team has done a good job in ensuring that our set is a safe work place for everyone. We are shooting in extraordinary circumstances that no one has ever seen before and our production team has really left no stone unturned to ensure we are all safe and healthy,” he says.Attachments area

Ayushmaan Khuraana , Priyanka Raina

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Can’t wait to get started on the Looop Lapeta!’ : says Tahir Raj Bhasin

Can’t wait to get started on the Looop Lapeta!’ : says Tahir Raj Bhasin, whose next with Taapsee Pannu starts its shooting schedule next month Tahir Raj Bhasin is ready to start shooting for his next Looop Lapeta!

By Priyanka Raina

Looop Lapeta in which he is paired opposite Taapsee Pannu and the young actor is thrilled to be back on a film set. “I can’t wait to get started on the Looop Lapeta. It’s an incredible script and I’ve lived with the story as drafts have improved through the lockdown. I can see it being challenging and super fun to do.

Tahir Raj Basin ,Priyanka Raina

It is also very different from anything that I’ve explored before which only doubles the excitement!” says Tahir, who will also be seen playing the role of Sunil Gavaskar in the Ranveer Singh starrer 83. Tahir adds, “The producers – Atul Kasbekar and Tanuj Garg of Ellipsis and the Studio, Sony, are very aware of the new work environment we are venturing into. They are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the film set is a safe work space that protects every crew member and the project.” Taapsee and Tahir are an exciting new on-screen pairing and Tahir is confident that audience will love their chemistry. 

He says, “A lead pair in acting is a bit like a dance duet. The performance works if both dancers do. To have Taapsee is going to be brilliant and I hope the audience sees this chemistry. She has an incredibly charming energy and she’s an outstanding, instinctive actor. I look forward to exploring the world of Looop Lapeta with her.” 

Tahir is excited about the industry restarting itself after over six months of total shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The lockdown was a time to pause and reassess for everyone. Projects have had time for rewrites and improvements. People appreciate being at work and around friends more. It has changed our attitudes toward health and safety. To be back in the ring and a part of one of the first few projects to kick start its engines is a great feeling. It is simultaneously invigorating and a responsibility to set a sustainablework template,” he adds

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‘DDLJ is timeless!’ On 25th anniversary, Kajol opens up on what makes it loved romantic film in the history of Indian cinema.

‘DDLJ is timeless!’ On 25th anniversary of the all-time blockbuster, Kajol opens up on what makes Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge the most loved romantic film in the history of Indian cinema.

By Priyanka Raina

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (lovingly also called DDLJ), directed by Aditya Chopra, completes 25 years today and the film’s leading lady opens up about why the film is hailed as the most loved romantic film in the history of Indian cinema. DDLJ shattered all box office records and is one of the biggest all-time blockbusters in the history of Hindi cinema. It also went on to become the longest-running Hindi film of all time as it has played in theatres for 25 long years!

Kajol says, “I think DDLJ is timeless because everybody identifies somewhere down the line with Simran and with Raj. I think they just like these characters a lot! They have liked them for years and years now and it’s one of those things that you always like and probably will always like.” 

Kajol’s character Simran, redefined portrayal of women on screen. Simran was traditional yet modern in her outlook and was hugely relatable to people. Kajol says, “I thought Simran was a little boring to be honest, but I recognized her. I realized there is a lot of Simran in almost everybody we know, there is always that wanting to do the right thing in someone. Lot of people don’t do the right thing but we always want to do that. You want to get that approval, you want to get that feeling of you are approved of and that you are doing something right in the world. So, yes Simran was like that. I thought she was just cool, a little old-fashioned but cool.” 

Talking about her director, Aditya Chopra, whose debut directorial DDLJ became a trailblazing film in Indian pop culture history, Kajol says, “I think what sets Adi apart is probably his conviction. He is very, very convinced of what he is making and doesn’t take on a project if he isn’t absolutely convinced about it. That really is what sets him apart. He is not willing to let go off that basic core conviction that he has in his characters and he knows them best.”

Kajol and SRK are an eternal on-screen romantic jodi who have made generations of Indians fall in love with the idea of romance and it started with DDLJ. Kajol tells us about what she loved about Simran and Raj. The acclaimed actress says, “We were shooting for DDLJ and we never thought that we were making this! We just thought we were going to make a really cool film together and hopefully, it will be a hit film and we were all crossing our fingers that the music will do well etc but I don’t think anyone of us ever realized the kind of impact DDLJ would have on people when they saw it!” 

DDLJ is also the winner of a record-breaking (at the time) 10 Filmfare Awards and the film literally changed the face of Bollywood globally. The film was made at a budget of 4 crore and the blockbuster, in 1995, collected 89 crore in India, 13.50 crore in overseas markets. Thus, total collections stood at 102.50 crore worldwide in 1995! In today’s inflation adjusted value, DDLJ’s collection stands at a staggering 455 crore in India and 69 crore in overseas territories, taking the total worldwide collections to a phenomenal 524 crore!

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